So, my daughter Sunshine (29) and I watched the first season of Outlander. We watched it in a two-day span, interrupted by a four-year-old, and a needy husband, mine. I love period dramas, so Sunshine suggested that we try this series out. We started watching on Saturday, and finished the season on Sunday. I think there were 16 episodes. She was shocked at the sex scenes that were a huge part of this show. Maybe because she wasn’t watching it alone, but accompanied by her mother. Maybe it would be a series better watched alone. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the costumes, the scenery, and the intensity of each episode. Yes, it is explicit, but those were cruel times that these people lived through. As for me, I am a wimp. Don’t think I could have survived that time period, let alone thrived. I would, of course, have loved to worn the dresses, save that hip garment they added. I have enough hips, thank you very much.


The heroine Claire was a little too brave sometimes, and I thought she was quite lucky to be alive after she was so snarky with all of these men. This was not a time or a place to use sarcasm. She was very willful, and to me, she needed a good spanking. She did get one but from her husband. I think most women would have just lost their head right where they stood had they been so head strong in front of a man who didn’t absolutely love them. It’s all in the movies, so they say. We stopped the series after the first season and will pick up to watch the rest when we have more time together. I think I shall go back and watch the series by myself. She fast forwarded through all the sex, and the gore. I like both, so I will enjoy watching it alone. I just loved it, and look forward to the 2nd season. I rarely sit down for tv. I am more of a netflix person, watching when time allows. I will definitely have to watch it on demand, as I do not have time to attend to a weekly show. Oh, bother!


What did you think about this series? Have you watched it? Who is your favorite character? I like Jamie of course, but I thought Claire was a bit overdone for the period she was in. I did like the narrating, which I don’t usually care for. What say you?

4 thoughts on “Outlander…gasp!”

  1. I have read/listened to all the books a few years ago.
    LOVED the books….the series not so much.
    Claire can be disappointing at times. There are parts in the book(s) she behaves very immaturely for a educated smart fearless woman.
    Sex is a very big part of Claire and Jamies life through out all the books.
    And….who doesn’t love Jamie 😉

      1. DO IT!
        You won’t regret it.
        If time is an issue for you….they have them at Audibles.com. Davina Porter narrates the books and she does a wonderful job.
        You can listen as you drive.

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