Our World

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What a drear friend you are
Your light shines with my Love in your heart
Your compassionate and profound passion is earth shattering, quaking my heart with rhythmic breathtaking beats
Takes me so high, it will last a lifetime and into the next
Me, in your sight alone, and all I see is You
And now all of my dreams are real and all of the other lives I’ve lived were slow aches
This spiritual ascendance in every remembrance fills me to the top with joy
Just a glance at your eyes takes me deep into Our World
That knowing, brings my mind right to my favorite place in the world, where we call Home
My heart stills and then pounds wildly at your radiant beauty
I get to take you home everyday, and more than just living with you,
Our World is full of rituals, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in every season
Has me turning over everything in my path just to be near you
Has me patiently stepping into each moment with grace and ease
For we ultimately understand our truths are one, our nature is art personified I am forever grateful
I am worthy of you
You are worthy of me
This I can say from the depths of my being
Your cosmic mind wildly interacts with, plays with, and settles my cosmic heart
Yes, we are responsible for this revolutionary idea that two are meant to be together
Our love, so radically different
My dark angel of strength and love
My white angel of beauty and peace
I am with you always in all ways
If we are ever apart, we will find each other no matter what, against all odds, and we will always choose each other. That is our promise.

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