Our official first summer vacation 2020

When I talk or think about it, I feel like a child who is impatiently waiting for Santa to get his gifts. Although I am 42 and hopefully mature, I can’t wait for August 2020. You see back in my previous life in my native country we never took vacation to travel or to do anything special, we lived at a 20 minutes drive from the sea and 20 minutes drive from the mountains and going to both was a casual thing we did. Since we moved to Paris 3 years ago and starting over our lives from zero, we couldn’t afford taking vacation and the kids were disappointed especially when their friends at school asked them “where are you heading for vacation this year”? Three years in a row I heard the same question “mom!! why don’t we go on a vacation everybody does it”.

So this year, we will take our first official vacation to Annecy with my husband and kids. Annecy is a place that I love. I have lived 2 years when I was ten years old there. I was put in a foster home there and I never wanted to leave, but my dad back in country wanted me back home. The place is a paradise. Can’t wait to get back there. Can’t wait to see my foster family again after 30 YEARS. And above all, can’t wait to see my kids happy, happier, enjoying their first official summer vacation which I hope they will never forget.

Voilร .

Kisses from Paris.


13 thoughts on “Our official first summer vacation 2020”

      1. I have never been to Europe…at my age now, I doubt I will get there, but France is a country i hear good things about. I have friends who go there all the time.

  1. I am so happy for you and your family. I am also excited for you getting to visit your foster family.
    It looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Welcome to Thoughts! I could look at this peaceful picture all day. Love learning about new places and was unfamiliar with Annecy. Took a tour of the city and surrounding area via You Tube. Impressed with the flowers throughout the city. Wishing your family a perfect vacation filled with lasting memories.

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