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Osiris Esra PBUH

When Nebuchadnezzar II devastated Jerusalem ezra was also among the captives

when he passed through a devastated city by


Nebuchadnezzar II

troops he inquired from Almighty Lord How would you raise alive from dead.

Lord asleep him for 100 years and raised him asking

how many days you slept Ezra

PBUH estimated 1 or 2 day

Almighty Lord replied

Behold your donkey whose Skelton is Warren

and your food that is fresh

EZRA was remembrar of original Torah

and he enliven Torah after devastation by


Nebuchadnezzar II

of neo babylonia and He defeated Juda and Jews

he is also known as bakht nasir

Ezra by traditional Jews was known as son of God for enlivening Torah with his memorisation and as deity osiris.

Rubb of Abraham warned

Christians say Christ is son of God and Jews say osiris Ezra is son of God whereas God has reproduced none.

Rubb is sole King

on his throne with his crown

more than one God will fight and claim their respective share in universe

Rubb is Emperor and sole

copy right of this universe is to him.

God has no son daughter father or mother

God has no partners in share of this universe

God is a transformative Dominant Gender

Sex is attribute of his creature for reproduction

God don’t want to reproduce his competitors.

As Rubb don’t share his throne and crown with his any creature.

Same inquiry was put forward by ABRAHAM

PBUH from his Almighty Lord Rubb

Rubb asked to collect pair of birds and rest them on different cliffs after slaughtering them.

Rubb enliven them

Jesus Essa christ was bestowed with same miracle

he use to raise alive from dead.

scientists have discovered the mechanism of raising alive from dead known as cloning that is currently banned by Catholics verdict but as brain of anti christ AI has been installed cloning is a weapon of anti Christ to jolt believers faith.

Anti Christ is deformed and perhaps by product of incest. And he will be a transgender whose testes will be infertile but he will still sex with a healthy penis.

Almighty versed to Muhammad (Maaz) PBUH

no doubt your enemy will be cut off ( from roots) nameless (generationless)

Cloning is a process that replicates a copy of original person.

dead can be raised with it

missing limbs of original handicaps can be grafted like plants and clone afterwards can be terminated peacefully.

In ancient Jews era fishing was prohibited on Saturday

but despite of stoppage of their wise elders the made fun of it

One day third eye of Almighty opened and made them swines or monkeys

Hence from Grand Arabic Bible It is proved gorilla has 98 peercent similarity in DNA with homo sapians

but during reproduction human alike organs have been produced in womb of swines and successfully implanted in humans because donors of organs was an laborious work.

but successfully pig made genetically implanted organs such as amputees hearts livers and any human organ.

Gorilla and swines are deformed human race that were cursed to be animals.

so another verse of Al Quran science verified

and we said be the monkeys

Today deformities divinely explanation as follows

PROPHET Muhammad prophesied

Wait for time when humans will be deformed into creatures

they will sleep comfortably at night but when they will wake up they will be deformed creatures.

expiation doors will be shut down

ignorance will spread ignorance means ( taboo sexual relationships between close bloods incest Avuncular etc

this prophecy has also appeared

Not only Family sex is common but sister brother mating is alarmingly increasing after genetic implant against deformities.

Jesus christ will arrest cardiac of antichrist

rule the world for 40 years

will marry

will end crucifixion mourning and perception

will be buried near Abraham ‘s son Ishmaelities descendant Muhammad (Maaz)(Ahmad) PBUH

He is prophesied in Gospel and Torah.

Christ prophesied him in cradle.confirmation is in saint Thomas gospel

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