Oops! My bad that I thought I could maybe get Senators to vote ethically

My last thought admonishing Senators to vote according to their oath of office did not take into account that they are politicians. And politicians are always more concerned with the next election than what is transpiring today.

This fact hit me when I see messages like :

Supreme Court declares Trump emoluments lawsuits moot
Trump sends a message to Senate Republicans ahead of his trial
A top political aide to former President Donald Trump spent the weekend quietly reassuring Republican senators that the president has no plans to start a third party — and instead will keep his imprint on the GOP.
The message from Brian Jack, Trump’s former political director at the White House, is the latest sign that Republicans considering an impeachment conviction will do so knowing that Trump may come after them in upcoming primaries if they vote to convict him for “incitement of insurrection.”
and comment like the trial is moot or not needed now.

Unfortunately, this is probably the way it will play out.

Have a nice day!

4 thoughts on “Oops! My bad that I thought I could maybe get Senators to vote ethically”

  1. My response is that if trump keeps his name and mantle on the Republican Party, that is even more reason for us to come together to make sure in every way we can that the Republicans lose as much impact as possible. Personally, for me, that means I will vote for almost any democrat over trump minions, for others it is other persons.

    But I will never accept the idea that “they are all the same”. Yes, they are all politicians but trump and those that follow him like puppies have shown even more disgusting disregard for the nation than any Democrat and a lot of moderate republicans….which the trumpers have tried to push out of the party.

  2. Leftthoughts, I will agree not all politicians are not the same, but one never knows for sure their most inner views until put to the test. And I will never vote for another Republican again, even though there may be ‘good’ for the country Republicans. There are even a few of the present Republicans that publicly state they know Trump has to be held accountable, but just not by them. Go figure!

    1. That is a cop-out if I have ever heard one…but what can you expect from the members of a party so far up trump’s rear end that they haven’t seen sunlight in four years. I actually wrote a blog today on another site actually applauding one of my republican senators (I have two, heaven help me) for voting to continue the trial….admitting, if you will, that it was Constitutional to continue.

      Now, he will probably flake out and vote to acquit because he has pretty much been in trump’s pocket up till now but at least he voted correctly the one time. I advice him that he needs to continue and actually listen to the evidence….but time will tell. He hardly ever listens to his ordinary constituents. Now, if you are big oil or big pharma, he has all the time in the world for you…just like the other one..

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