Ooo~ Summer Solstice~ ooO

Hope everyone had a wonderful Solstice.


9 thoughts on “Ooo~ Summer Solstice~ ooO”

  1. The annual Summer Solstice meet at Stonehenge was cancelled due to the Corona Virus, so the British Heritage Foundation set up cameras and fed a live feed of the event online so people could witness the sunset at the historic site.

    1. That was a very nice thing for the British Heritage Foundation to do. I bet those that wanted to go but couldn’t because it was cancelled as an event enjoyed it.

      1. Yes it was a nice gesture. Most of our historic institutions and organisations are excellent when it comes to compensating the unexpected. And speaking of the unexpected. . .archaeologists over here have just discovered a new ‘outer’ ring at Stonehenge; this is a significant discovery which reveals the true extent of this historic site.

          1. “And what is that true intent?”

            That’s a debate that has rumbled on for decades; the experts all have their own take as to what Stonehenge was built and used for but rarely do they all agree. Was it practical or spiritual? Was it a place to offer sacrifice or perform other rituals? Was it built as crude ground clock to record the passing of time? And what happens at the Summer Solstice strongly suggests spiritual worship of some sort or other.

            The debate will rage on forever and, for something that old one will have to delve deeper than anyone else to finally dig up and uncover the real purpose behind Stonehenge. Personally speaking, I like the mysticism that attaches itself to Stonehenge, it leaves so much more room for fantasy and romanticism.

            1. Oh, I much prefer the mystery and mysticism as well. I read your comment as saying that somehow that outer ring had somehow answered the question. Glad that the mystery and romanticism is still available.

                1. And you would be right to think that, because that is precisely what I did. I looked at the word “extent” twice or more, and “saw” the word as intent.

                  My apologies.

    2. This horrible virus. I am going to see if I could find a video on the sunset. At least with the video…more people can see it directly and not from way on the outskirts at the gathering.

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