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One Love Road Trip

I just watched this CBS video from the original one love road trip from 10 years ago.

I’ve always known it was my purpose to help people. This made me emotional watching it again because this was one of the most beautiful things we got to do at with the entire team’s help and specifically the help of Sharon, Destiny & Kristen over the course of the 1st and 2nd annual one love road trips.

If you ever get the chance, give back to people in need / humanity in any & every way that you can. Its a gift of blessings all around.

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  1. Watching this video made me dig round in my own memory from those times back then. I remember the road trips – even though I wasn’t there myself, and I seem to remember there were competions too, but I don’t remember what it was the winners won? I even remember joining thoughts when the doors opened back in 2007-8 – is that right?

    Anyway, all I know is: I met a lot of people who became good friends on a blog site like no other in the world. was unique and unparalleled in its format and content. There was a staff help section back then where us users could go and report bugs or make suggestions as to how to improve the site. It was in the ‘comments’ section that I met the badlydrawnstickman for the first time. Our friendship blossomed and the rest is history
    Thanks for bringing back memories of happier times.

    1. Thanks for this, it was uplifting! Yea we started in 2007, then in 2008-2009 we had contests and flew some of the members out to meet up in Vegas, it was really good times for sure 🙂

      1. Yes, anyone who knew him will miss him. Despite the fact he was a brilliant writer, he was also a decent human being. Such a loss, such a waste.

      1. Hi Lampoil – aka – Mary Jo Hawkins.

        Your old username sounds familiar but as my memory goes it might be playing tricks on me. There were so many names back then, some I remember well while others I struggle with. Your memory with names is obviously better than mine.
        Anyhoo. . .welcome back.

  2. I remember this!
    I loved the whole idea of the “One Love” Thoughts Road Trip.
    You had a wonderful staff in the office.
    I remember winning a “Thoughts” pen and T-shirt. I still have the T-Shirt.
    It was and still can be….the greatest blogging/Forum? site around.

  3. I remember being given a Golden Ticket Award for something I shared
    about another member who deserved to win the ticket — And WOW how
    with my limited skills in written communication I was even considered for such —
    And when an old friend dropped in — out of nowhere ?— to comment on that……..
    Well it will be something I treasure in my heart forever..
    I miss the old 2009 style — forums. Being “ simple minded“““
    Thank You All ! for making my thoughts-richer-warmer and better——–
    Can’t say what the heart feels—- so end here with —-One Love— !
    ~~~~~~~~~ Shalom ~~~~~~~~~~~
    Aguila Way —

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