“One love”..explanatory

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I am well aware that my posts do not always seem consistent with the “one love” philosophy, what with the way i use words to criticize and illuminate certain topics.

For elaboration I am going to mention the term “karma,” or rather some folks understanding of karma as a loose equivalence with “what goes around comes around,” which is an incorrect understanding.

Karma can be effectively explained as action + intent.

Intent being the critical point.

A doctor making an incision in a patient to save a life will create different karma than a murderer who stabs a victim with malice and cruelty.

Same action, different consequences.

My rhetoric may sometimes seem harsh, confrontational and abrasive, but my intent is not in any way malicious.

A wise man once said that sometimes in order to make yourself understood and get your point across you have to use the same language and lexicon as the person(s) you are addressing.

So, in trying to make points about Trump that might be more easily understood, I find myself communicating in the crude and incendiary rhetoric used by Trump and his supporters: name calling and insults.

Don’t take it personally. It is purely an instructive mechanism.

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