Once Upon a Time

Do those countless points of light

Which fill the deep and timeless beauty of night

Ever conjure the thought of me 

As they so often do the thought of you

And whisper my name

Felt not heard

Felt as if I had meaning once more

As I would wait a thousand nights to feel yours

In the soft flowing ribbon of dreams

Which bind together the heart and mind

In a stillness so quiet

Beneath the moon



The moon

Which causes the human tide of emotions to fall and rise

And heals wounds in the pale silver of her light

As I breathe deep the air

Rich with pine and the honey suckles scent


When all else seems to sleep

And touch my truth



For night still holds dear the fragrance of your name


Who dreams inspired

And caused sweet wishes to rise

Like incense wrapped prayers to the stars

In our once upon a time

For there was a time once

When stars seemed to shine the brighter

And the world

For all its faults

Seemed new in the thought of you

And at times

Some nights

Still ~



  1. Funfreak · November 19, 2018

    You are so blessed to be able to still dance poetically with your memories. Mine are literally quite stuck in the throat.