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I understand that no matter where I work, there will be gossip and drama. High school never ends after all. Heck, when I was a junior in college, and doing my first internship at the local women’s shelter, I heard all the people there complaining about the interns, how we did nothing. Of course what they failed to understand is how the director at the time basically gave us nothing to do. So with no direction, what were we to do?

The office I worked in last year consisted of about 5 girls who hated my guts for no reason, other than one girl made it her personal goal to ruin my life and make me super depressed (thank you sweetie), because she was pissed off.

This year there is definitely some office gossip. It’s not a lot, and it’s harmless. They think I might be too quiet, the receptionist never works, the girl with the curly bangs is weird, stuff like that. But seriously, when can we just outgrow it and stop?

My boyfriend tells me the gossip he experiences at work. I also think he may or may not have a strange romantic past with the women that work there? I could be WRONG. But I don’t think I am.

I mean, he has gotten around. That’s another blog for another day.

My point is, I hate office gossip.

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  1. I worked with all women for 13 years and got the biz. We were short staffed because new people refused to put up with the mess and didn’t stay long. I got along with most of the staff but there were a few crab apples.I was sick and expected to come into work even though I only missed 1-3 days a year. I lost paid sick days because I was afraid of blow back from using them. I had severe stress .Dreaded going to work. An older woman was the main culprit and I tried to avoid her. She said the most horrible things about people. I hid in the bathroom and cried a few times after some of her tangents. After finding out I had lung cancer I made up my mind to finish out the year and leave that hell hole. I only stayed for the health coverage. My new job is much better. I work from home and only have to deal with men.

    1. expressions of animals always competing for a higher place in the pack or on the food chain. There’s a survival instinct to it and while it can be trained out of one if they so desire, I think to some extent it’ll always be ever present except with straight up loners

  2. You are right. Office drama is everywhere. Unfortunately. We used to have a guy in my dispatch office that was what we called a “pot stirrer”. He loved passing along half thruths to get folks stirred up and then sit back and watch the drama unfold. Best thing that ever happened for us was when he was fired for legal misconduct. He’s gone and we finally hired someone with a look at how they deal with drama, rumors and gossip. My job is all about dealing with other people’s drama… do not want to do deal with any extra. Just keep holding your ground for what makes you comfortable.

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