It has moved through her so quickly
she barely was able to take a breath in.

Trees now half naked
branches looking thin
her voice lost its focus
there now is chagrin.


From a tree whose wisdom
lasts far longer than her hurt
or your anger
comes the reminder that
the universe cycles
like seasons
with only time
to never be regained again.

She misses you, her son.
She misses you as she always has
when you turn away
she is less than any of your stars.
She is, of course, so her ego says
and you are the star that shined ever so brightly first
40 earth years ago.
Perhaps love is not enough,
but it is all she really has
that indeed she does give freely.
She loves you no matter what.
All else is ony hanging onto
what has passed to never return again.

October ~ the month when losses are huge
upon a heart broken into so many pieces
and considered not good enough
by far too many.

October ~ the month that ushers in two months
of despair and lonely isolations. Perhaps the reflecting
pool will not be so dark and gloomy this year ~ then again
perhaps it will.

Yes Loneliness, people do change and finally learn
to simply sit in quiet solitude accepting the current
that flows underneath everything ~ LOVE.

October ~ you too will go away.

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