Not very busy here

I have been here for a month or so now and it doesn’t seem to be very busy here. Not a lot of postings or commenting going on. At least from what I have seen.

How new is this place? Do we only have about a dozen or so people here?

Am I looking in the right places? Maybe it’s just me.

4 thoughts on “Not very busy here”

  1. Thinkr debuted on August 29, 2017. As of today there are 322 members. (You can keep current on membership numbers by selecting “members” — located in the red banner, directly below “share your thoughts…”).

  2. I don’t come as often as when I first joined. I, too, hope it can become more active, but…..time will tell.

  3. I will keep coming back until I have this format down pat. I am already jealous. EZ (as usual) is posting music videos which I love.
    I see a few names I recognize and glad to see them. Change is difficult and good for me. Walking on Sunshine, one of my favorite positive people. What can I say about EZwayz. Loves good music, talented and a sweet Southern man ( boy ) … Hugs to all,

  4. Marvin: Yeah, not too many people here.
    An opinion no criticism intended but the small amount of what you find here is just not interesting, and almost no interaction.
    See you around.

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