not getting used to it…

lately the thoughts of have been disappearing from mind.earlier i used to login everyday just to see the vibrant blue color everytime but now i don’t even think about know the sites rebuilding itself but if this is the blueprint then its a goner …the site is vague …the ease with which we could move around in thoughts is not here…but well i am here for my friends (if i have any left) so i can overlook the looks for the time being…

7 thoughts on “not getting used to it…”

  1. ♥ WalkinOnSunshine ♥

    This site is a format I’m far from “getting”, but we’ll see how it goes. Alot of tweaking needed, to be sure. Time will tell…


  2. I know how you feel.. the lack of security is my biggest issue.. I don’t feel free to share my thoughts or opinions or to post creatively with no personal security or intellectual property protection.. I don’t know how man others feel this way but I will not be reposting an old work or an new work with out some kind of security.. doesn’t bode well for the development of this site..

  3. @nullnvoid This site is bland in appearance but vibrant in way of members. From what I understand the site is at it’s infancy stage. They are working on the spam issue and a few other things. Don’t be shy tell what changes you would like made. Just imagine this as a blank page the members are artists and can be a part of a master piece

    1. Thank you for this!
      It’s nice when someone can see that we are a part of something that is only going to grow and get better.
      We can do nothing but focus on the negatives….or focus on the positives and work together at making a difference.

      Positive post like this add a sparkle 😉


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