Not a clue of a clue’s clue….

Seriously, I look around at what Trump supporters are doing to this country, for the petty, trivial things they have been convinced are so egregious…

People in the United States take their comfortable, privileged, entitled lives for granted, on a massive scale so far beyond what people seem capable of comprehending.

Whatever you think the conditions of your life are, I promise you, compared to over 85% of the world’s population, you live 100 standards of living higher than Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburgs lives combined.

I don’t know how anyone living in the United States of America in 2020 could allow themselves to be convinced that their life is so miserable and lacking that they would support Donald Trump and believe he is going to make your life better.

You honestly have got to be living in a hermetically sealed vaccuum packed time capsule to think you have anything to complain about.

And for someone who has as much money as Donald Trump says he has, to be so miserable with his rich, extravagant, gold plated existence, his mind must be so warped, deluded and ate up with the syphillis that he could live on a solid diet of antibiotics and hockey puck sized prozac biscuits and still not know a watermelon from a mustard seed.

Americans live at a mutated, industrialized level of luxury compared to most of humanity, and behave and complain about the nonsense we see in this society?


People in the United States are so deeply immersed in an atrophied, comatose state of slumber they almost deserve what is coming their way.

This level of delusion for a society so advantaged, filthy rich and advanced, is pathetically embarrassing…

There are people in this world who would trade a lung, two eyeballs, a kidney, both arms and a kneecap for the life of the most destitute, diseased and crippled person living in the United States of America.

Yet there are people in this country walking around so blind, deaf and unconscious that they believe their blessed, precious life is so miserable that they are willing to burn the world to the ground over WTF….

2 thoughts on “Not a clue of a clue’s clue….”

  1. Apparently, they believe in the zero-sum game….where if anybody gets equality…say a Black, an LGBQT person, a Hispanic or a follower of Islam, it somehow takes away from their bag of jellybeans. I like jellybeans, and want everybody else to be able to have them also…after all, they are a product that can be made in abundance.

    Metaphorically money and the good things in life are jelly beans, and everybody having some means that so many of society’s problems are lessened or done away with.

    1. The most important things in life cannot be grasped in the hand. These kind of people never learn that. And they never find the most important things in life, which is why they are so unhappy.

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