Normalcy is a treasure
That’s often taken for granted
It’s feelings are so plain it’s true
And it’s thoughts are never slanted

Being normal means you can be happy
but then you can be sad
It’s livng life as others do
Even when you’re feeling bad

It’s the degree that matters
The extremity that counts
It’s never feeling so bad
That from this life you want to bounce

It’s taken for granted
By those who daily have it
But it’s worth more then gold
To those who search for it

While most of the world
Lives with it daily
There are those of us
Who only have it barely

To those among us Who rarely find it
It is a gift from God To keep us sane
It is the something that we seek
Of what we seek it is the main

I hope to find it each and every day
And sometimes I do, when God smiles on me
I’ ve found it today inside of me
And I’m ever grateful that He has let it be

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