Normalcy – A Gift From God

What others take for granted
What they have very day
I cannot lose sight of
If on this earth I want to stay

I like the feel, love the sound
Of being normal this day
Not sane or insane,
Only normal in every way

Except there is no only
To this gift that I’ve been given
The pain of the insanity
Has had it’s strength truly riven

A gift is what it is for me,
But it’s only a normal day for you
A true gift that I’ve been given
And a special prize for me too

No more insanity raving through me,
No more pain and tears flowing
No more emptiness inside me
For normalcy is now growing

No more racing thoughts and feelings
No more more risky behavior too
No more cutting, burning, punching
No more hiding in the loo

No more wishing for my death
No more planning to be dead
No more feeling bad and ever sad
For all the tears that I have shed

No more darkness to rule my life
Only joy and peace are sounding
The sanity has come back to me
And the light it is abounding

Normalcy is a gift from God
A treasure to be guarded
A gem rare and beautiful
And in my life it has started

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