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No longer any doubt…

I believe,..No, I KNOW , the decision by Tubby the Toddler Trump to hold an ego basting campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all places, on June 19th of all dates, at this point in American history when race hate is finally in the national cross hairs, is a clear message to the fetid, swamp water guzzling racists and bigots who populate his base that he knows his hopes for re-election is pretty much toast crumbs, and the only hope he has of stealing the continuation of his reign of terror and corruption rests squarely on the potential to inflame and accelerate the embers of violence which is the life blood of the cult of hatred supporting him.

Trump is now openly admitting he cannot win an honest and fair election, and no longer even pretends to run a campaign centered on policy, or accomplishment.

President biscuit belly fully intends to stoke the flames of the bullet fetishists thirst for blood, and initiate a civil war.

There is only four months before the election and he is getting desperate and out of control, emotionally speaking.

The syphilis rot devouring his melon is festering. The decision by NASCAR to ban confederate flags at their events is most surely the impetus for a popcorn munching moment as the inbred incels of hate in America, the majority of whom worship Trump, will be announcing their boycott of NASCAR and will show up at every Trump appearance and rally fully adorned and waving the “stars and bars” defiantly and proudly.

Buckle up America, the roller coaster will be boarding soon, and this time seat belts will be strongly discouraged.

The kaka parade is about to begin.

3 thoughts on “No longer any doubt…”

  1. Not sure I would give him credit for such organized thought. Suspect he is just blathering on with his normal song of hate and division. Having said that, though…He seems to be pushing us further toward a potential of a civil war than we have been since 1865.

    1. I don’t think it is a result of organized thought as much collateral damage from deranged power mad thought. I watch the people supporting him, particularly evangelical extremists and white supremacist types talking openly of civil war, and Trump is being pushed in this direction by them. If you remember, I was predicting the path he is now taking for over two years

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