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#No Justice No Peace#

Flashback: Sept 1975, Van Buren ,Arkansas: Serving in the US Army processing Vietnamese refugees at nearby Ft Chaffee Arkansas, I was sitting in a very small restaurant, in a booth, having lunch with an African-Amercan Army buddy, when from behind me, in the next booth, the voice of a young child, maybe 5yo, asking mother, “Mommy, whales is that bigger doing sitting here…”

1975, my lifetime, my experience.

Today still, this ignorant hatred festering and smoldering in this country. Hatred for simple skin pigmentation. Hatred for gay, trans, LBGTQ community.

Ignorant, uneducated hatred. Narrow, closed-minded, reality/truth denying hatred. Violent people.

Hatred so ingrained, generational, hereditary.

It has gone on long enough. I do not blame these protesters for their anger and rampaging. Justifiable anger and rebellion.

Maybe the time has come. Maybe Trump is going to manifest this correction to humanity twisted.

I have heard right wing extremists and propagandists pushing this narrative of “civil war” for 10+ years. People so ignorant of their own position of privilege and, entitlement, and how comfortable and secure their spoiled, friviolous life is, that they want to burn the country back to the dark ages rather than share oxygen with people of color, LGBTQ,

That level of ignorance.

Antigua is NOT the problem.

Antifa is a response to hatred and intolerance.

Antifa is nothing more than self defense. Before Donald Trump, and the uneducated, white supremacist hate type bigots, racists, and co-splay militia wannabes who support him, No one had ever heard of “antifa” in America.

Most of the violence in these protests are Trump supporting “boogaloo” cowards who support Trump, who are trying to impersonate and infiltrate peaceful protests.


That is who are supporting President Coward.

12 thoughts on “#No Justice No Peace#”

    1. Whatever you commented on my post, if anything, is invisible to me. Unfortunate, because I believe that unlike you, I am interested in YOUR thoughts and opinions. Not the thoughts and opinions of others that you follow and repost here.

    1. That did not go well. I need to proof my work, I guess, because this is not what I wrote. I don’t know if it was changed by thoughts or some android auto correct I missed, but this is an all chopped up version of what I wrote

      1. I am not sure if I am reading it after you have reworded and corrected it or before…but I see nothing wrong with what you saying as i read it. In fact, I think you are spot on. You might check my latest here also.

      2. I think I pieced it together enough to get the point. Ha!
        When I try to put a post up….I also have to reread and make sure I got the format right. Its not really the easiest to post a blog. Well….for me at least.

        What I also know….is when I am REALLY passionate about something I am writing ….I can easily mix my words up and misspell. So I take a few minutes/hours to calm down and write.

        1. After twenty years dealing with desktops and laptops I am now writing using only tablets, with one finger, which is very challenging, as not only am I a cancer surviver, I am also a stroke x2 survivor with only the use of one side of bady and visual complications due both from strokes and results of the radiation treatment for my throat cancer. I am an officially designated “hot mess.”

          1. Hahahaha…..a Hot Mess eh? I have a question….I remember a poster from YEARS ago named FeverishDreams(?) I think the name was. Do you recall that name from any site you were on?

            1. No, not familiar, but I really do not have much history with blogging or social azad l media in general. At least not compared to most blogging we rs I have seen. Old Thoughts was my first experience with blogging, from about 2013 to 2017 I believe, then the one I was just so unceremoniously exiled from. Prior to that all my activity was in Craigslist rants and raves and the old Yahoo chatrooms. I are m still pretty much a novice.

              1. When you mentioned being a Buddhist…I remembered a poster from 13 14 years ago? I didn’t post much with him but he was a Buddhist…ex Military married to an Asian lady living in an Asian community. He had a beautiful garden. He use to post pictures of it. Anyhow….he was very “loud” and “vocal” over politics and in the next breath would post something peaceful. Hahahaha…..

                We all have a warrior society…no matter how peaceful we may seem.

  1. Wow, 13-14 years ago? You’ve been blogging that long? I didn’t even know about blogs that long ago. I was still in local community AOL chat rooms at that time. Never even heard the term blogging until about 8 years ago. I’m 64yo but still an internet novice even though I’ve been online since ’96.

    1. I probably knew you I think. I came from AOL too…but the message boards before they closed them in 2009. Thats when a group of us were directed here. No…I never blogged. I only participated in Discussion Forums…..wasnt much for blogging because I was always too busy to blog. I barely had time to read blogs. But there were some really good bloggers that you just wanted to follow.

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