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No Better Prize

Longing for the day,

Freedom still from afar,

Keeping them at bay,

Still struggling in the dark.

The day when it comes,

Will bring joy to the heart,

Takes a while to be home,

Where do you start?

Home is where truth is,

Not in this world,

Can be for some,

Those lovers of gold.

There’s no way to lose,

Wiser than the wise,

Convicting the world,

Only in death will the sun rise.

For them wicked,

Better to be blind,

Salvation of sorts,

To leave the world behind.

You win now,

And later still,

Show me how,

Oh, the joy you’ll feel.

Contemplating the truth,

Saves the soul,

Let the future be out of control,

Still in the present you reach the goal.

In time you survive,

Cause salvation is real,

Settle for this prize,

There’s no better deal.


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