Nightfall Demonic Crawl

It hurts the worst inside

Just when I think I am alright

Demons crawl up my spine

Into my mind

Bringing pictures of pain and horror

Unspeakable things

And I can’t help them, it’s out of my control

They bring me a kind of darkness that has a message I can’t make clear

All I know is it’s got to come out of me to see the light of day, no more fear

Please help me heal me please


I do believe I’m here to hear these cries

I’m here to be the eyes to see this kind of pain

I’m aware

I hear you out there, I do

Stay strong, hold on

I’ve got to get these fucking demons out of my head

I’ve got to find a way to go to sleep in peace in my bed

Once I find a way to relax

Here they come, they’re coming back

What reality is this?

It’s not my world and still, it persists.

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