It seems so very odd to me that it has only been three weeks since I left my old job and drove across country and started my new job. It already seems like ages ago that I was in that building . . . It seems so small now. A small world. Not a bad one, just . . . we were all in this one building together, and all these things happened in there, and it was just one place in this chain of command that people went through.
I can’t say that I am much better with this new job, this office is where I spend the majority of my time. I get so bored with the trainings. But the opportunities that I am getting, I am learning so much. It’s the hours we spend in conferences and meetings that I learn how people work and what it really means to be an adult, in a professional setting (I will say it’s really nice to get home and change :P)
Once I actually get settled here too, it’ll make everything better. By beginning of October, everything will be sorted I am hoping. I’ll have my own place! Like even without an oven, I am so looking forward to having my own space, that is only mine 🙂 I haven’t had that since the two semesters I had a single in college. It’s so nice being able to do my own thing again. It’s an adjustment, of course, but having a working laptop, having books to read (I’ve already read three), and I realize that rain is gonna suck at times, but I am still going to make myself go out in it. I can’t wait until I can bike around and explore.
I’ve only been here for two weeks and I found a gas station without needing a gps! I found some other places that I am looking forward to exploring more. I’m not worried about how budgeting this year is going to go now, not at all. If I can survive my first two weeks on the opposite side of the country without a wallet and without money, I think I can do just fine 😛
The people at work are pretty awesome. One is moving in November/December, and I don’t know how that will affect the dynamics and the workload, but everyone is pretty friendly and helpful here. Once I can actually do what I was hired for, I will definitely feel more productive. But if nothing else, I really want to reach out to the towns that we’re apparently giving up on so I get to know the people and the place and maybe make some connections for the next year AmeriCorps person to follow up on. But I also can’t wait for the first weekend of October, where I am going to help out at a festival and hopefully get to know more of the local culture and meet new people. It’s lonely out here. And Tinder sucks. I can’t get Bumble to work, and I really don’t want to get on other dating sites, because it’s not really dating I am looking for, I am looking for a friend.
I’m really appreciating the little things now. And I don’t like being broke (found out some gas stations will not take $10 worth of coins for gas) but it’s worth it. Finding their equivalent to a co-op, chancing upon the farmers market by chance, finding all these places I want to go . . . even just getting used to driving on a freeway that has three or four lanes going just one way and has traffic jams and 5 o’ clock traffic.
Also, Vermonters – WE’RE the flatlanders! There are mountains and trees here that your mind doesn’t even want to comprehend that those are real because they’re so big!

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  1. Hi Firewalker,

    I prefer bumble to other apps, it seems less about trying to get into someones pants which is nice ha ha! I am also in the same boat as you, I don’t want to date, I am also just looking for a friend – my life is too complicated as it is!!

    Also in the same situation as you with regards to new job and driving on freeways and rush hour traffic!

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