New Orleans: where when it rains, it pours and then car trouble too?

I swear, New Orleans is different from every other city in the United States.  Nowhere is that more clearly revealed than in “simple summer rains” which are often as not as far from “simple” as possible. Here is how it usually goes. Take this as an example day of a New Orleans rainy day.

On this particular Tuesday morning, I was slow getting up and out to deliver the food bags that I deliver every Tuesday.  That itself was not unusual. I often hate to move before noon, having been up just about all night and need to get moving by about 1030A to get these people’s food to them by lunchtime.  Of course, since I am late just about every single time, they can easily adjust, but still.

Anyway, as I got to the pick-up place, the sky was dark.  Still, there was no rain.  Not until I got about half of the bags loaded, then suddenly the sky opened up and DUMPED water on us.  I mean that literally. I mean literally sheets of water falling from the sky. The drops of rain were about the size of about 5 normal drops, and I swear sometimes getting hit by them almost hurts, but still, I soldiered on.  Aren’t you proud of me?

However, when I got in my car, the car told me in that unmistakable way that cars have that the engine didn’t have power and that I had no traction.  The no traction was hardly a problem since I could barely get the car to budge.  Anyway, since my garage is back across the river, I kept the peddle to the metal (meaning I was moving at about 20-25-or 30 miles an hour all the way.  Well, except for one point when I was going down the ramp, and I swear, to my surprise, the care got up to almost 40.  Wow, speeding!!!

Well, it is a bit late to be talking about making a story short but let’s get on with it.  I managed to make some phone calls and get the food where it needed to go.  Notice I said phone calls, not drove to do it.  Obvious, once I got the car home, I wasn’t about to try to go any further till the car was looked at and made functional so it was a matter of making phone calls to get all the food bags delivered by someone else.

After the food delivery was taken care of, I returned to trying to deal with the car.  It started right up and ran on almost full power. The only thing is that the engine indicator stayed on.  So, I took it to the garage to be looked at. It was my thoughts that the heavy rain drowned out the car, and once it gets over that little incident, the car with be fine.  I hope so anyway.  However, I should know for sure tomorrow.

If you doubt my words about the size of the raindrops, just know that within 5 minutes, the roads were already almost ankle-high in water.  Now THAT is a nice summer rainstorm, don’t ya think?!!  Oh, and we wouldn’t call this a “flash flood”. You could call it that just about anywhere else, but in New Orleans, it is simply “rain”.

1 thought on “New Orleans: where when it rains, it pours and then car trouble too?”

    Yes…I know those 4 ounce rain drops you mention. And yes…they can hurt.
    What a day. We must have the same sleeping schedule. No…..well…I don’t really have a sleeping schedule. THOUGH….I would love one. I still try to get to sleep early…..1-2am is very early for me.

    I had a car once that did the same thing. When it rained like crazy it would start to squeak and brake differently. And when the rain stopped…..the car was all better.
    I hope it isn’t too serious. Your car problem that is.

    I love a nice summer rain.

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