New Name, Old Friends

Let me start by saying

Happy New Year to All.

If you read my last post you will know that I was around with the old thoughts about 10 years ago.
There I met some lovely people, some of whom are still around.
Back then I started poff by being Bubblydi. That is until I got locked out of my account by forgetting my password it happens to us all ( I think ). I then managed to open a new account of which my name changed to MissElusive.
I would very much like to reconnect with old friends as well as making New friends.
Thank you for reading.
Much Love x

2 thoughts on “New Name, Old Friends”

  1. I just realized that when I came back here i was looking for the spirit of It was empty here for me. Then you came here and I realized that you and how you make me feel are to me. I was looking for your love when I opened this account. I missed you my friend and I love you dearly.

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