Never again, multitudes

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Never again should so-called right wingers be passively allowed to call themselves “pro-life,” (they’re not), nor Christian, (they’re not), nor “Conservatives,” (they’re not), “patriots,” (they’re not), morally superior, (they’re not), “The party of personal responsibility ( definitely not).

Today’s eighties is not “pro-life,” at all, in any context. These people have no respect for human life, children’s lives, seniors lives, disabled lives, even their own lives.

Let’s bury that brittle bone now.

These people are obviously not Christians. They do not worship the God of the bible. The God of the right wing is money, straight up, plain and simple.

Conservatism, as standardized in the Ronald Reagan incarnation has been incinerated. No longer exists. Trumps right wing is a undisciplined, spoiled, soft bellied cult of trolls and zombies.

These people are most certainly not “patriots.” Trump cultists despise and loathe Everything that makes America America.

Most definitely these people are not personally respon single, for anything, with good reason…SHAME!

The Trump right wing is devoid all virtue, devoid honour, devoid integrity, devoid dignity.

The Trump right wing cult is bloviating, gum flapping, flame baiting trolls. Undisciplined, slovenly cowards. Final epitaph.

Hate, Inc.

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