Nature Reserve

I sometimes wander through the paths of my local nature reserve taking pictures as I go, it goes on for many miles in all directions and although I have walked much of it in the past, I have never reached the boundaries of this vast protected area. There is one particular spot (pictured) where the trees seem to arc inwards toward each other as if trying to form a circle. I have always found this one particular spot to be special and every time I reach it I have to stop and dwell for a while. It is neither mystical or magical, but I do find it inspirational in the sense that it transmits creative ideas to me. These ideas mostly stay with me for weeks on end until finally they surface from my subconscious mind and reveal themselves. I regard this area as my muse.

I have slightly enhanced this image and added a bit here and there purely to accentuate an otherwise suggested, but invisible circle.

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