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So I had to make a summer video for the program I work with. The summer video goes out to students and of course my computer is old and refuses to actually work like it should and I couldn’t use my work computer. It turns out the video featured a song that had a swear word on it, and people were upset.

My boss is laughing it off, and my other boss already said a slur that’s a lot worse than the word F*ck in front of the students (seriously no one reprimanded her…)

I knew I should’ve reviewed the video but I was so tired and it was so late, I just uploaded it to the flash drive.

So I’m not in trouble (miracles do happen) and I didn’t get fired… but talk about embarrassing. My boss though, couldn’t stop laughing when she was in here. That was on Saturday. The rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful (unless you count my car being a little annoying)

Do you ever miss someone you so much that…it becomes sad?


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  1. Miss that that I feel sad or miss them to the point that I become a sad person because I miss them? I think I’ve experienced both at some point in time, yes. Perhaps even lately.

    I only feel one can be a sad person by missing someone if they’re determined to remain ignorant of what the longing is doing to them and not trying to get over it. Otherwise, I don’t see it as sad to miss someone at all in that context.

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