My Thoughts on Ron DeSantis Transporting Immigrants

Political Theatre is something I hate but both political parties do it. Recently Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis transported fifty immigrants to Martha Vineyards in some weird attempt to shed light on the immigration problem, to own the Liberals. or he simply had an ax to grind. This was immoral and possibly a violation of the law if Governor DeSantis encouraged the immigrants to go by promising them employment.

Politicians on both sides of political spectrum need to work together to fix our decades long Border Crisis before a terrorist or group of terrorists use the situation to kill thousands of people….Democrats need to stop ignoring the issue and Republicans need to stop grandstanding!

In conclusion, I am glad the people of Martha Vineyards helped the fifty immigrants because it was the correct and moral thing to do. I further pray and hope Governor DeSantis and others stop grandstanding.

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