My Problem at Work

So this blog was supposed to be about silly customers and light hearted stories. Instead I am here to vent about something else. Today at work, I left because of a nervous breakdown where I was shaking and could barely stand. There is this one co-worker in particular who has decided to make my life a living hell. He is supposed to be training me and my other coworker Nikki. But instead he snaps at me every time I even try and talk too him. I ask for help, and he rolls his eyes dramatically and snaps at me.

Let’s call him Mark. Mark is the reason I went out and found a new job. They leave me alone with him and Nikki, and he is the only person who knows how to do anything, and whenever I get stuck in a tight spot he decides too make me feel like crap instead of actually offering the help I need. That, and some other stuff has encouraged me to move on.

The first day I was on register, I heard them mocking someone who came in who was transgender. The manager Bryce told a rude joke about mexicans. They all commented on the attractiveness of a customer. It all makes me really uncomfortable.

So, I got a new job.

Now here is the dilemma. I left work because a nervous breakdown today because of Mark. Mark yelled at me when I decided to take a break. Mark is not my superior in anyway. And I am entitled to a break every four hours. He is super friendly with everyone else, and just rude to me for no reason.

Let’s just say that I have decided to leave earlier rather than later.

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