My Morning Ritual

Wake up an hour and a half before first class

Chug 2 glasses of water

Brush teeth

Quick bath

Morning coffee

Check work schedule

Visit my go-to websites to see updates

Add things to my day’s to-do list

3 thoughts on “My Morning Ritual”

  1. Sounds fairly ordinary except for “quick bath”. Most people when in a hurry take showers. Now, you could take a bath because you don’t have access to a shower or because you have some strong preference to a bath. Perhaps there is a story there?

    You left out a few things. For example, “get dressed” unless we are to assume that is not part of your normal ritual. Or perhaps. it is like other unpleasant activities left out of your list like “go to the john” and it is just too unpleasant getting dressed that you had rather not mention it.

    Now to see if you have a sense of humor.

    1. this is adorable. thank you.
      also, not all houses in asia has showers. in the philippines, it’s something called “Taking a bath using Tabo.”
      Some use a tabo to scoop up water from a bucket and pour the water down to our body. A tabo is like a pitcher that is smaller than a pail but bigger than a mug. It is normal to see a tabo in Filipino bathrooms and wash rooms.

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