My Life’s Second Act

Off I go
Into the nuthouse
All because
I was missing my spouse

That’s not the whole story
To be totally true
I took all my pills
When I was feeling blue

I thought to myself
I can’t live without her
She’s fallen in love
With another

So I almost died
’cause my head was all wrong
Now I’m feeling
That my life isn’t all gone

I can do this
I know that I can
All the pain that comes with it
Is but a flash in the pan

Day by day, lonely night by night
I shall hold on by the skin of my teeth
Until comes the day
When the pain’s not so deep

When comes that day
I’ll be able to live again
It might be a month, a year or more
To be truthful I know not when

But come it will
I know that’s a fact
That’s when shall begin
My life’s second act

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