My Grandkids

My Grandkids make the world go round
In and out and up and down

To my eyes they bring smiles
That fill all the miles

I travel in life’s game
I love them the same

My heart swells with joy
At their love of a toy

My patience they try
Yet I will never ask why

For they were given to me
A gift from God I now see

I thank Him for this treasure
For they are truly a pleasure

Yet sometimes I guess
I wish He’d bless me less

And bless their parents some more
So their life isn’t a chore

4 thoughts on “My Grandkids”

  1. Hello Noah,
    Nicely written, I don’t think you are the Noah that I used to know, but your name made me long for the Noah I miss dearly.

    Anyway just making sure you’re not the “other” Noah, and saying hi!

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