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My gosh does time fly!😳

I remember, 15 years ago I came to as “Scarboroughfair” and later became “RealityBegins”.

My how time flies. There’s people that’s passed away, we’re all older now and some of our lives are very different.

I’m nothing like I was before, at least I don’t think I am. I was quite the narcissist (Prideful) in the past. Still struggling with that a bit.

We will see how this round goes, things are very different in my life now.

5 thoughts on “My gosh does time fly!😳”

  1. Hello RealityBegins, welcome back to Thoughts.

    Nothing stays the same, and as time moves us all inexorably forward through life things will not stay the same and are compelled to change. has also changed as far as the format in concerned, but the “One Love Philosophy” remains as true now as it was when Thoughts began.

    Happy writings.

    1. Thank you Jules. 🙂 I might do a post highlighting some old stuff. I am definitely partial to the first 2 or 3 editions of! Lol But I understand it has to move forward.

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