I have decided to call work and quit tomorrow. It’s not worth it being bullied all the time and hearing transphobic and racist jokes. I have decided to just move on from this negative situation, and try to look on the bright side. Like how I found a much better job with much better hours. I am excited to begin this new journey. The only downside is we have no money again for like 2 weeks and we really need stuff. So that is always fun.

This was a difficult decision to make. I’ve quit a lot of jobs and have had some trouble holding a job. But I tried for a couple of weeks, and I got bullied endlessly by this one worker who just doesn’t seem to like me. I don’t know what his problem is with me. Not to mention the jokes and insensitivity from the rest of my coworkers. I don’t even have a number for HR to contact. I know some people might advise that. That, and I honestly couldn’t afford the gas back and forth.

So hopefully this new job will be better.

3 thoughts on “MY DECISION”

  1. Good luck with your job. Rise above the shallow people. They are but stepping stones on your journey. Have you tried earning through writing? There are numerous places you can try writing for online.

  2. Have you seen some of the writing out there? The bar has been lowered so far down it’s like a doorstep now. You wont know until you try. Dont think about it, just write and submit. Even if you do get some rejections, and you may in the early stages, once you start you are only developing and growing your ‘writing muscle’ and experience. Plus, you have all of us ‘thoughtsters’ here who have your back! 🙂

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