Music Forum

I created a music forum just to have a place to post anything and everything about music. I love music and didn’t want to fill the pages up with music videos.

I didn’t make it private because I wanted everyone to feel free to post there. I hope it worked.


4 thoughts on “Music Forum”

  1. Hi Monica — When I logged in to Thinkr this morning there was an invite waiting for your music group. Excellent idea — I LOVE music too. Now I just have to figure out how to publish my music post into this group. Something new to explore and learn today. Thanks for creating this group. Peace.

    1. When I created the group I tried and tried to post a music video and I couldn’t do it. But…..I had posted a video on a blog post a few days ago so why couldn’t I do it in the forum?

      EZway said to just copy and paste the url in the text box.
      Im going to try it now.
      Lets hope it works.

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