Munchie– the wonder cat

Munchie was the cat that I wondered about at times. He was a bit odd, but then several of my cats have been. We literally found him in a paint bucket. It was where my SO, Roy, worked, right outside the door as he was headed out for to go home. A bucket with about five kittens in the bottom that apparently had been dumped there.

I can only hope that whoever did it, did it in that location thinking that the kittens would all get a forever home. People gathered around, and Roy, of course, wanted to take one of the kittens. Having just a year or so prior gone though the issue with Leo, having to put him in a separate area of the house, I was somewhat reluctant. But I decided as long as it was female and a grey cat, we could take it. Well, it was certainly grey, but it was not a female so once more I had a “problem” male on my hands.

That’s right, once more the female family (Misty and her daughters Little and Bit) were having none of it. Pie was less agitated but was firm in his refusal to allow the kitten to sleep or cuddle with me. But meanwhile, the kitten was perplexing in his own right. I went out and got special kitten chow solid and KMT, a milk substitute that is good for kittens. I then mashed the kitten chow up in the “milk” and carefully introduced it to Munchie (only Munchie hadn’t been named yet). He ate it a time or two but then suddenly started licking the KMT up and leaving the kitten chow. I was worried that he was getting too little to eat.

That is till one day, I was going through thought and heard this slupping noice. I looked around to find out what it was that I was hearing and lo and behold, the kitten was tunneling thought the adult cat food like he was woody woodpecker going though a tree. I swear he was moving so fast, gobbling so wildly, that food was coming out the sides of his mouth in a spray. So, I now knew why he was refusing to eat the kitten chow…he was too full. So, I named him Munchie and ended the attempt to treat him like a kitten, foodwise.

But there was another problem. I couldn’t get him house trained to the litter box. I don’t know if the other cats were running him off, or what, but he just didn’t get to get. So one night, I decided to take him to the back, introduce him to Leo, and see how they got along. Roy was worried, and thought Leo would kill “that little kitten”. Instead, Leo fathered him, and taught him to use the litter box so the household because two human adults, and four adult cats in first part of the house, and two cats (one a kitten) in the back.

Only once did I actually worry about Munchie and that was due to a “fight” that Munchie started and then screamed like he was being killed because Leo outdid him. Once he realized he was not about to beat Leo, he cried to daddy. LOL But then “Daddy” separated them, scolded Leo, and Munchie went right back on the attack, in front of me, letting me exactly what had happened. I never fell for that again.

If you look at Munchie here, and then back at the “family” and Pie, you see why I thought he would fit in better. His coloring was very much like theirs and I really thought they would accept better than they did Leo, who was black and differently shaped.

I was obviously wrong. Oh, but he was also a very sweet cat (at least to me) and after Leo’s death, I integrated him into the general population without too much problem.


9 thoughts on “Munchie– the wonder cat”

        1. Whoever had the mother cat apparently didn’t want the kittens, and put them all in a paint bucket and set them outside a restaurant where my SO worked. This was a big bucket, not one of the smaller ones but still there was just enough room for all 4 of them in the bottom of the bucket.

          Don’t worry, somebody took all of them.

        1. I usually have a hard time getting my cats to stay still long enough for me to get a picture. Munchie, as I remember it, was a bit better than most of them have been about it.

          I think in one of the pictures however, he was saying “enough is enough”..LOL

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