What are the most common phrases you hear when you tell someone that you’re upset or depressed?

“get over it”, “move on”, “Let it go”

What exactly is letting go? how does one get over it? what’s the key in moving on?

Nobody has an appropriate reply to this. Or perhaps, every one has a different definition to all of it.

In my opinion these statements are enormously contrasting. Like, letting go and getting over are entirely different phenomenons. Getting over something is not voluntary. I suppose it is uncontrollable, One can not get over anything by their own will. It is not something a human mind is capable of doing. However, letting go is solely dependent upon one’s choice, Although it ain’t easy but one can let go, all it requires is firmness of decision.

‘Moving on’ and ‘getting over’ go hand in hand. No matter how hard one tries, it is only possible to let go off of things but it ain’t possible to derecognize the realities. Even if one tries to move on, memories plunge on to him like a leech and feeds upon every bit of the conscience left in him.

Let alone moving on, when a person is encaged in a pothole of memories, his only desire is to run. But there is only so much you can run till it outbreathes you.

so how does one escape?

I believe that there is no such thing as ‘moving on’. It’s all about pretenses. There is no mechanism designed to unknow the already known. One just needs to pretend till they get it right. Pretend to be strong, fierce and fearless.

It is a famous saying:

“Time heals everything”

What I say is; Time just makes you familiar with the obvious, it doesn’t wipe out any prior information whether good or bad. If that’s called healing, so be it.

Personality, is a compilation of pretenses, and life, a masquerade, where the ones who wear the most mesmerizing masks slay it all. So, the better you are at putting up acts, the better off you’d be.

I highly disagree with the idea that pretending is harmful. How can something that keeps you away from the actual hurt be more harmful?

They say just “let go and move on”. How do you do that?

Mask your pain, put that smile on your face, wear that cape of confidence and walk like you own the runway. In short; pretend till you master the art of disguise, so well that even you find it hard to believe. The only way to move on is to change yourself. Changes are essential in life. Never see it in a negative way and never feel ashamed or guilty when someone says “Oh my God you have changed” (Yeah, like that’s a bad thing?)

“Ofcourse you have changed! In order to let go off of something it’s necessary. Like; you are letting go off an entire part of your life, you are no longer holding on to something that once made you feel like the only thing worth living for. OFCOURSE you have changed because your priorities have changed! You are no longer the person who wanted those same things!

Before convincing the world you need to convince yourself and that can only be done when you get so involved in the character that you start confusing it with your true personality. That is where you know you have gotten over it.



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