Morning Due?

There was a time when water became scarce – so scarce that the only form of liquid came from occasional, rare rainfall, or moisture created by early morning dew. All the plants suffered and began to wither. That was when the fungi of the forest flourished and began to dominate the underbrush – slowly creeping and spreading everywhere. The forest needed a keeper, a caretaker, or someone who understood the needs of plant life. As if through an unspoken wish or charm, the Stone Gunga Din entered the forest and started tending to the needs of every plant under the canopy of its trees. Life returned once again and banished the extended drought which threatened to undermine the health of all inhabitants, plant or sprite.

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3 thoughts on “Morning Due?”

  1. Did you create the image first and write the story for it or vice versa?
    Wasn’t there a “Photo” challenge on old Thoughts where someone would post a photo and people would write a story for it?

  2. I don’t usually have a story in mind when I create photo composites, some of my work hangs around for months because I get creatively stuck and see no end path. The image above is a prime example of this. The statue, mushroom, and girl, all formed part of a completely different picture that I’ve been mucking around with for ages. A few days ago amid a wave of inspiration I changed the backdrop and thus changed the concept entirely. With a fresh idea in mind I was able to finally finish the project and be done with it.

    I found it to be a good idea to include a brief written overview describing the scene rather than just plonking the picture in a post with just a working title. My descriptions, which can be regarded as ‘fly by,’ give a flavour to the image and direct the viewer to a train of thought that I had after contemplating all aspects of the finished picture. They say that every picture tells a story, and that’s as true today as it was in the past. I hope that makes sense? It did to me as I wrote it.

    And yes. . .there was a photo challenge on the old Thoughts which I regularly participated in. The challenge was to write a story about a picture that the setter (Pastor Mike) would post. Everyone would then go away and think about a story that fitted the photo. It was a very enjoyable time that I remember, and the writing community was huge back then with all sorts of people participating each week.

  3. Makes complete sense to me…every picture does tell a story…or could tell a story. I only say that because at times I just take random pictures of beautiful scenes that don’t really have a story. But if you’re going to add objects and create a scene….yeah….theres a story in there somewhere.
    Made me think of an art teacher I had when I was YOUNG. For this particular assignment we had to hand him our blank sheet of water color paper and he would scribble/blop/swoosh a strange design. And we had to create something from that.

    Pastor Mike sure had a way of bringing people together and keeping them motivated.

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