Its funny how a single moment has the power of grasping your entire future. Your entire life resides around that one particular moment. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what follows through.

Good times, however, need not any kind of rememberence -let’s say it is not required. People consider happiness their right. It is taken for granted. Being thankful is not the latest trend, whatsoever.

On the other hand, guilt, is what follows. That one regretful moment has the ability to break you to an irrecoverable extent. That one moment that could leave you drowning in millions of feet deep well, filled with remorse.

Eventhough, you travel sufficiently farther, it follows you like a shadow. It heaps onto you and leaves it’s remnants in every ounce of the blood flowing through your veins. That moment when you were too consumed to set apart wrong from right. That specific moment when you crossed borders, took a dauntless flight without the fear of falling. It haunts you for a lifetime!

Years pass by and with each advancing instant, you question the decisions you made in that moment, you start to validate and make excuses for the wrong been done, but none of it is convincing enough, because the intensity of the feelings you felt under those certain circumstances, can no longer be understood, it all starts to fade away. What doesn’t fade is that one moment, that one, regretful moment.



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