Artificial Intelligence and My Sensory impairment ( My Story)

It was a time when I did not know anything such as any aid to make better lives of people. Make it more practical social vivid and fast.
Everything became transparent, more conductive, more Social and practical. My mind was working just as if I can work this way. Hence I started making social networks. Started sharing my thinking and responding to replies. Sometimes I went negative and sometimes too much positive. I started making websites, started sharing Blogs and even started writing long Novels. Perhaps I wrote a lot fiction in it.

I started acquiring and even more clear concepts clarified to me in my brain. Long inferences regarding various topics in my perspective. A lot subjective opinions and views. All this was possible not because some thing was Telepathing my brain but It was now reasoning. It worked much better on this magic streaming than in practical environment.
I never heard a Topic but perhaps a lot doubts were in doubtful practice. Many ways to discover how his mind is functioning, what is causing such conceptual streaming in his brain. How to block his delivering mechanism. Perhaps blocking delivering was much efficient practice.
I made lessons more conductive to me by fine tuning it with that magic box. Every Inference was real and the perspectives were conducive and factual. Elaboration was making sense. Interpretation was all from that inference. My real brain capabilities.
Then I came to know that perhaps something science was being employed to my brain that’s why it became so intellectual and interpreting.
This Box was the Internet and all the benefits that it offers for users.
And I was being Doubted of being employed Artificial Intelligence.
It is not a lie I would have been very effective Software Engineer but its better it’s my younger brother now. And obviously my Elder brother is a Dropout of it. Both of them had same field of study.
I am a Business Graduate. And hence my MS and PHD was blocked by not awarding my interpretations.
I had no Idea how artificial intelligence works while interacting with humans. But one thing is for sure it will be able to decode human thinking, understand human emotions and perceive like us.
As Artificial intelligence is employed in computer Programmes, It is employed in intellect developing Games, automatic aeroplane or vehicle driving, serving people by perceiving their orders and wants,
Obviously its Robotics and brain will operate with artificial intelligence programmed in him. Just as encodes in genes are encoded. Java is also programmed to respond to commands.
Computer programme are interactive and convenient like Windows.interface of human and computer makes much effective results
To tell the truth it was Meditation and nothing was Telepathic in my Brain. It was real me. But artificial intelligence has a lot of scope in future. It’s a whole heartedly Sarcasm for the critics of mine.because Reasoning is different than Telepathy as Reasoning require Meditation and nobody is that much reckless to prone himself at risk of getting psychedelic….The critic is a volunteer of subjecting himself for any sort of experimentation.

I have no more science to reveal any more this is my last new blog but yes I will keep on editing my blogs for new experiences until this clay dissolve in sand.
I hope these 27 narrations might be interesting as its just constructive Satire with my Insight.I know very well I rely more on digital devises but I am incapable to perform many social functions I acquire and deliver it that’s what I say Russia is best country to get built on my knowledge as russia is that country that hitlar and nepolian can’t conquer  and it has produced first vaccine of Covid 19.
I believe you can’t remember to  forget me..As I have kept my blogging secret I have kept my identification  secret but the day I will be diagnosed You will come to know That one has a paralyse mind and its insane His mental condition is not normal and his psychology is abnormal but its me nobody believes here its me My name is Owais rest trace me out my nick name is Aishoo or Waisoo …. God Bless world If a language can be educated to special need children And they can read and type Artificial intelligence is blessing in disguise for such deaf dump blind Autistic and retarted children It doesnt’t matter I had an advanced mind I am still unable to reach destinations without mental and physical struggle and labour The advanced societies are in thirst of my blood I am in danger of stoned or encountered in villages where I am continuing my struggle hidden If I have to walk long way nobody dare to lift me This Account will built their country on advanced basis technologically scientifically medically and industrially but The cost I had to pay is deprieved of better standard of living marriage Smooth performance of job or continuation of inflow of money or intake of food while France Australia Canada India China New zealand are bidding me in billions as big dog. There is always Shadow underneath flame of candle. Although I am blessing in disguise.

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