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Minimalist With Radical

Minimalist With Radical


Is a challenge for me to write two different styles of blogs in the same blog-space. Not up to speed and failed the entrance exam and procedures test. For now, you will know me and what I do, from traces of the past. Today is a picture day. And the theme is more than just first thoughts arrived at in morning. Concentrated effort to find a topic and stay with it. Theme concentration and discipline and keep it short. That is the real test here. Name change but with similar traits and style, you might recognize me as Stoney-Blogger. Today I am wearing that hat and those shoes. Fitting into a familiar footprint and one-size-fits –all arrangement. Have two thoughts or themes in mind as I make my way through this effort. The Title: and for once do not want it to be misleading: Minimalist With Radical.


Minimalist With Radical, and I wonder what the average person might write about when presented with this material in Writing Class 101? As for me, I am alive and well and even as I plan to keep it short ( hence the word minimalist), I will continue in robust form introducing the idea that I am with Radical. As you know, he lives in Seattle. The new blog organization uses Word Press software and if not wrong, got it’s start in Seattle. Don’t want you to think I have gone all rogue and wild-card and local on you, but Seattle has a reputation of staging protests and looting store-fronts and the police shooting Indian Woodcarvers and others. Wild West still, and perhaps that is true. Not up to standards of Texas, but must say: “Is an unpredictable place.”


Mysterious Orient and their best idea are hard to translate. Came across the reference: DANSHARI, and it translates to: The Art of Decluttering. In the old days I was accustomed to thinking that the Japanese people and their spaces were small. Now due to improvements, this idea no longer is valid. Fast-forward to Seattle and find this article about Homes for the Homeless that measure 8 feet by 14 feet, and is designed to meet all the needs of a person they hope to encourage not to sleep in doorways and on the street. Have not followed up on how this DIY ( do-it-yourself ) program is working, but am aware that it is getting funding and operational. That said, the idea of small and small homes makes sense in a market like Seattle, which now has the 7th highest cost of living rate in America.


Was not sure how ‘ Minimalist With Radical ‘ would translate when entered into my language conversion machine. Yes, I have one. Won’t elaborate, but if you like, will chuckle at the thought. Entered. Returned. And it did not bother me that I was now with a conversation, rather one-sided that had me dealing with a description of a Japanese Language Radical. Not radical in a bad way. Seems there are 214 radicals in use in current Japanese, and unlike our 26 letters in the English alphabet, each has its own base meaning and understanding that gets placed in mine, by the very first look. Go on to learn that radicals are graphemes. 

Hit me with that again. Graphemes.

Not a form of bad guy or terrorist. Oh how I am so tired of hearing that word. Terrorist and will be treated as if I am one, when going to the nfl football game in Seattle on Sunday. Gateway and entrance nightmares occur. Strange to be treated that way.


Radical. Rogue. Bad Guy. Terrorist. Like I said, “Am so tired of hearing that word.” But have not been discouraged by Seattle Seahawks’s first of the loss of the season to Green Bay Packers. Can give an upside-down explaination and analysis, but like my brother says, “I am on vacation doing a cruise from Upper Germany to Hungry. American football and we can postpone all that until I return. Not important.” And with that I tend to agree. But have ticket and is walking distance from my residence, so I will attend. Important enough to show up, be hassled at the entrance gate, and not deal with it and 65,000 fans, who are being treated just like me. Equality. Terrorist Special. He shrugs. Whispers, “911 and World Trade Centers.”   Then looks away.


Talking about keeping myself safe while attending a nfl football game. Then get side-tracked when seeing this: David Cassidy: Naked Lunch Box .   Rolling Stone. Has me in a bubble and am expecting it to pop any time soon. Not sure where that leaves me. Was hoping to address the subject: Bushu Code. Enter this and expect for the current conversation to change, and it does. Going away from minimalist with radical, and into the fast lane for mind detention and radicalization. “have you lost your mind?” Said by somebody close to me, and think 

she means it.

For now, I provide no answer. Automatically am redirected to a Japanese province that thrives on Kangxi Radicals, reminding myself that most of this is a derivative of China extract. Without more background, I am lost. Minimalist with Radical and is my reminder to keep this blog short and to the point. Sighting in the point of no return. Can’t take back what is here, unless of course I do the edit routine and seek The Vanishing point. In the end, I do not elaborate about Bushu Code and will leave that discussion for another time.

New blog space but with familiar people from and as in the past we are reminded, Stoney Blogs are often fractal islands floating in the Rings of Saturn. And many are identifies as errors by the discerning mind, and there is agreement. “Never should have been written in the first place.” Examples of what we learn and experience because we are here, is perhaps the hidden message embedded in Stoney Blogs or Bushu Code. Radical thought and brings me back to the connection with minimalist with radical. Some things are hard to repackage and relabel. Come to Word Press, or wait is that just the software we are using, and not a place to blog. Go to Now we see that much is recognizable.   Stonehead is SeeDrum. We see it in his eyes, not yet covered over by cataracts .


Currently reading about computer processing of oriental languages . Is an e-book edited by Yuji Mastumoto, Richard Sproat, and others. Mentions that radicals can have a useful purpose. Gives promise to the idea, not all radicals are bad. Gives hope that I will survive going through the gates of my first nfl football game on Sunday in Century Field in downtown Seattle. Will incorporate what I have learned from reading a book about: Computer Process of Oriental Language.

Will bear a smile and look friendly. Have noticed in the past this is also done by Japanese visiting the White House in Washington D.C. Will incorporate in my entrance dance a multi-radical method. If it needs a name, will refer to the Bushu methodology. Am sure that will grant me multiple issuance of blank stares, but this will not deter me. Most of those I meet at a nfl football are drinking or have had a drink or a fix to get them through their day at the ballpark with 65,000 others. Now reminded, one of those might be a radical or terrorist, and so one must accept the ordeal of passing by the gatekeeper and not set off any alarms.


With this warning I finish this blog. “Be careful.” Non-natives and unborn-in-Seattle participants to Sunday’s NFL Seahawks Game, must leap a large hurdle to successfully endure and experience this local event. NFL Football in Seattle, once known as the Wild West. Is a problem for me to describe in a blog about all of this. So I will cut it short and package all this as the title reads. Minimalist With Radical. The rest will be left to the reader’s imagination. Will answer inquires in the comment field.

Will repeat this. 

“Have you lost your mind?”

Said by somebody close to me, and think she means it.



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  1. Are you a capricorn? i’m a capricorn 🙂
    hey thanks for the pic off Aaron..MY quarterback 🙂
    yep…Packer backer here 🙂
    Someday i’ll get to Green ‘Bay for a game…sigh

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