Covid 19 and world ( Stem cell recovery hypothesis)

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May God remove curse of Covid 19 from world May God honor my pray may Its vaccination is prepared soon

It was a decade earlier when I gave stem cell recovery hypotheses but some successful trials in UAE has represented its discovered treatment of Covid 19 Corona virus It may work for women breasts regeneration penis regeneration lost limbs implant and regeneration hands legs etc This was the hypothesis but atleast it worked for Covid 19..I am living in villages or towns highly vulnerable to covid19 because of being rheumatic

It has been revealed Pangolin is main cause of Covid 19 VIrus and it spread from meat of pangolin in China.

It is not a human conspiracy but God’s Torment to humans

God is hider of crimes and Pardoning of sins

Well Newzealand is proving nothing is impossible for a committed mannered civilized and deciplined nation And I am an ideal saint for them but for my nation A puppet of manipulation The Badass like me who can’t wash his ass they should follow him Indians are on religious extremism obstinacy but how God pleased from kiwis and They killed covid 19 because they followed me but here I am even not making sense because my understanding desk memory is severly effected I desperately not finding euthanasia but I know I may die horribly on killer road on bike in a road accident or in a police encounter for this cyber crime.

Although I know this I can’t reveal my brain paralysis or Asperger syndrome in fear of losing money inflow and harshest treatment of my family members discrimination of their wives and stripping stoning of society towards me after my Dad

I wrote this autobiography before society deals me like a mad

This book reveals

Time and Earth shortness in size after discovery of giant human skeltons

Artificial intelligence brain nerve impulses and impulses used in internet androids computer appilications

Change theory Every thing in this universe is running with power of commanding force that is God System of entire universe will change with single command

Ideal Characteristics to transform into a saint and proving it with authentic unique intuition with no connection with outer real world still authentic

Insane supernatural dream experiences

Time is proving me more right than sane people shame on those who call me mad I am more precise and right although I am confused mind person.

Stem cell recovery hypothesis inspired it may treat my Autism

I would like to convey to all the enemies of my Dad and family that i presented my self as a target to hit to injure to addict to defame to block marriage to stone even greater segregation from society to present my chest before social bullets fired on me I miraculously saved my dad mobilised resources funds and in all that process My plan was to sacrifice myself as easy target to bring forward real enemies of my family I wanted to save my dad’s generation and my well qualified and established siblings

Whatsoever way my siblings and their family segregate me In future I knew what being a target meant I meant to be stoned or electric shocked by every body including your family members

Can you believe even my dad’s real sister his half brother and my brother’s wife’s mother showed a mirror to my dad how much they can emotionally injure his sentiments until They made it more clear that a target is segregated and stoned and electric shocked by everybody including his uncles aunts etc

Obviously My brain is gradually losing health and it is functioning like old age Alzheimer’s mind that is gradually degenerating like a candle that is melting until it sheds last tear of death. And every passing moment is evidencing the resultant brain degenaration..and resulting behavioral changes resulting in intolerance of family members specially Dad and my Mom’s elite family

This early aging resulted from psychiatric drugs that my mom’s elite family bullied using my idiot Dad as a trustful means of offense And I am walking evidence and plea for justice of their naked crimes.

Although there is a lot facts that I have uncovered but the way my supporters are dying it is unvealing the fact my siblings don’t leave any remark any favour anybody wanted in my way

I am not going to blast but suicide and I will take everything with me my body will decompose in sand and my soul will depart….And be careful world I am all alone and finding it hard to live this life independently..

currently it looks Sun is blasting or it may blast earth…yet I am not going to blast.

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