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    Update of Colors Seen in a Rainbow.

    This Post is a follow-up of an earlier post. I have been fascinated with light and colors since I was a child. My first flashlight hooked me forever. I may have a flashlight-fetish as I own 6 different flashlights.

    This post deals with the principles of physics, and may not interest many members. I previously reported how a beautiful rainbow is formed. After a rain, light strikes raindrops that refract(bend)light into 7 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Remember these colors as the “ROY G BIV.”

    The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum is the entire range of electromagnetic radiation. This range includes wavelengths, frequencies, radio waves ,microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, and gamma rays. Animals and insects see in both visible and ultraviolet, while humans only see in the visible range. How else could your pet find your bed in darkness?

    The “blue color” is somewhat of a let-down as it slows or prevent humans from falling asleep. Within the brain, a gland called the Pineal secretes the sleep hormone, melatonin, that helps make us sleepy in darkened rooms.

    Three professors of physics formed a company to sell products that block blue light emitted from TV, PC Screens, Smart Phones, etc. Two of the professors worked for the Lamp Division of GE for many years and have knowledge to benefit you and me. To learn about the history of light and products that shield blue light, visit Several years ago, I purchased an amber-color shield to place in front of your PC monitor, glasses to wear 3 hours before bedtime, light bulbs coated with a blue-light shield. Many newer products are now available should you wish to investigate light and how it affects humans.


    • HI Hal!
      First off …I find your writes interesting.
      Secondly….I wanted to let you know how to write a POST because your entries are showing up under your UPDATES.
      Go to the top of the screen where the black tool bar is. Click on New + and a drop down menu will appear. Click on POST and a screen will appear where you can write a new post. If you have any questions you can ask myself or ColoradoDreamin. You can even post your question hear in your update and any member here will be able to help you.
      Glad you are here.

      • Hello, Monica. Thank you very much for instructions on how to write a Post. At one time, I clicked on New(+), but I was not certain how to write a post. I have had so many different experiences in my life, that I write about things I know that still touch me.

        See ya!