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    An advantage of being old is you can repeat an experience you enjoyed when “I wore a younger man’s clothes.”

    On 8 October, I watched a program on Smithsonian TV about a train(White Train)that in 1869 carried miners to the Klondike claim in the Yukon Territories in Canada.

    I like the names of towns and cities in Canada like Yellowknife, and Moose Jaw. In 1902, a bank clerk in Liverpool, England,was promoted and sent to Yellowknife to work in a newly opened bank. The clerk’s name was Robert Service.

    Service would listen to the tales and lies the miners told while waiting for the bank to exchange gold for money to buy new gear to return and search for gold. Service became fascinated with the tales and completed to transform tales into rhyming verse.
    I loss more than 100 books during flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. My collection of Robert Service’s works were also damaged beyond repair. I recite some of the verse when I am walking or alone. Here are two selections of verse from Service’s pen.

    “The Curse of the Yukon ”

    I wanted the gold, and I got it, came out with a fortune last Fall. Yet, somehow life is not what I thought it,
    and somehow the gold isn’t all.”

    If you have read novels of Jack London, “Call of the Wild”, you will enjoy verse by Robert Service.


    “The Curse of the Yukon”

    I wanted the gold and I got it,
    Came out with a fortune last Fall,
    Yet somehow life is not what I thought it,
    and somehow the gold was not all.

    “The Cremation of Sam McGee.”

    “Now Sam McGee was from Tennessee where the cotton blooms and blows, why he left the states to roam around the Pole, God only knows. He was always cold, but the land of gold use to hold him like a spell,
    and he would say in his homely way that he would rather live in Hell.