• I just heard Georgia and Arizona called it for Biden and North Carolina for Trump. I don’t know if those numbers are going to stick but from listening to all kinds of statisticians/number gurus that it is […]

    • It’s a bunch of craziness, isn’t it? I do agree with you about personal growth – it’s the best thing we can be focusing on right now. We may not be able to control the outer craziness but we do have control over our personal lives.

    • I would love to see the Green Party be ascendent. But right now we have to fight the “republican versus democrat” game. Maybe when more people wake up about the environment, the Green party will have its chance.

  • My sister made Potato Soup the other night for dinner and it brought back so many memories of when I was little. I was so young that I didn’t realize we had potato soup a few nights in a row from time to time […]

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    We do not always get what we want.

  • I really don’t watch or follow Trevor Noah….don’t find him THAT funny. But once in a blue moon I crack up. With this video…I actually learned a bit of history.

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    To start, let me just announce that only four persons are currently blocked. They are blocked because of their prior reaction to me and will remain blocked for the foreseeable […]

    • Where have I been? This is the first I am hearing about this story. As you can tell…..I do live in my own little world..HA!

      You made an Error up in Paragraph 3. It’s not Biden who is suggesting people should not fear the little boys….it was Trump.

      As you know…I don’t care for Trump or Biden…..but I did vote for what I think is the lesser evil…..Biden.
      But I could have been selfish and just let things be since Trump actually gave my household a BIG BIGLY HUGELY Tax cut and we didn’t even need one. My sons accountant called months ago and informed them of the new Tax information and we all just couldn’t stop laughing before we felt a bit sad for the working folks who actually believe he looks out for them. We laughed because it was just INSANE that people who need no tax cut….GOT A TAX CUT. But believe me….that BIGLY HUGELY tax cut we didn’t even want will just be given to charity.

      Cheers to Hawaii….my fellow Indigenous Brothers and Sisters πŸ˜‰

      • Actually, that is not a mistake in paragraph 3 although it might seem misleading if it is read a different way than I meant. Biden has suggested that all Americans need to come together and not consider each other enemies. The problem is that many of the trump supporters hate minorities and would do anything they could to deny us (and I include myself as a gay man as part of the minority) our civil rights and equality before the law.

        In other words, Biden is suggesting being more “forgiving” than I am able or willing to be for the folks in the extreme right like the Proud Boys who are a threat to many of us. Sorry if my word choice confused you.

        Now, I can’t remember who I voted for in the primary. I know I voted for Bernie in 2016. I am not sure who all was available at that time. I supported Elizabeth Warren and/or Bernie Sanders, although I leaned this time toward Elizabeth Warren. If Elizabeth and Bernie were eliminated before the primary, I probably voted for Biden because I didn’t like a couple of the others, and thought Biden had a better chance of winning. I voted for Hillary in the general election in 2016 for the same reason. I would NEVER have voted for trump…ever.

        Now, I didn’t really get a tax cut as such, or not anything like I was “promised”. But I did get the 1200 stimulus, which I used to invest in alternative fuel industries….the entire thing was sent as a check to my business management with the stipulation to put the money in ART Investments which is all about innovative technology using alternative fuel sources. I figured that was a good way to use trump approved money to fight the trump agenda, which i have always seen as destructive to the environment as well as to the more needy people whose health care he is endangering.

        • Ok…..I get it now. Yes…being forgiving and understanding can be difficult for many people. I understand where you stand. LOVE the way you invested your stimulus.

          • Glad I was able to clarify. I often find that people don’t get my way of addressing things the first time. Sorry. πŸ™‚


    I am just now catching up on videos so please excuse me if I over do the video posting. I may have been exposed to Covid so I am quarantined….. which means watching movies…catching up on videos […]

  • Anyone else watch SNL political skits? I don’t think I like Jim Carrey playing Biden. I admit I have not been watching them lately…..but I do love the way Alec Baldwin plays Trump. I find this one a bit […]

  • I found this book very disturbing but would give it an 8 1/2 or 9 on a 1-10 chart.Β  It falls into the category of Science Fiction and tends toward the area called alternative history whether or not that was […]

  • Can it be true? Will it stick? Can the world celebrate?

  • I have been binge watching Monk for the last week or two.Β  There were a total of 8 seasons on whatever channel and network it was originally on.Β  I don’t remember, and don’t care enough to c […]

    • Hi Friend πŸ˜‰

      I tried watching Monk a few years ago and honestly he just irritated me too much. Maybe I didn’t give him much of a chance? I don’t know…..but I just know my nerves would be on edge while watching. Ha!

  • Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

  • Growth is painful — change is painful — but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

  • Some of the pictures at the bottom of this page will show Agnes Moorehead not looking like the iconic image that many of us associate with the mother of Samantha the witch in Bewitched, but it is also a valid […]

    • I remember watching this show as a child, it was my mother’s favourite tv show. Sam’s mother used to creep me out!

    • This show made me WISH to be a witch so bad!

      • Yah, just imagine being able to wave your hand and make anything that you wanted to happen, happen. I can think of all sorts of things that I would be doing right now. LOL All the doubt about the upcoming election here in the states would be resolved immediately and I would be rich and not have to worry about anything.

        I felt the same way about I dream of Jeanne which I watched growing up also.

  • …..8 Hours of background noise πŸ˜‰

    Yeah…… I have this going in the background tonight/this morning. Its beautiful to look at too. Reminds me of 6th Grade Camp when we took a day hike around the mountains. […]

    • I know how the mind just naturally turns to Covid whenever there is any kind of cold like symptoms, or even allergies. I have allergies that go most of the year, and it keeps me on edge about Covid-19. I had a blood test and that was negative. But until some people, I am still wearing a mask and social distancing around other people and will do until the numbers are back down again…or a truly trustworthy (as indicated by the medical experts) vaccine is fine that stops the virus.

    • I saw that Costco had covid tests. Yesterday they were talking about having people do their own contact tracing because the demand is so high

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  • It was 101′ degrees here almost every day last week and I was sitting in my air conditioned home looking out at the ocean wondering….. will Fall ever come? So I decided to find fall scented candles to try and […]

    • Oh how fun! And great idea to try to get in the fall spirit! I know what you mean about the heat. Here in north Florida there is just a “tinge” of fall in the air. Just barely… πŸ™‚

      • Florida? I wonder if I get more of a fall than you? We actually have has overcast the few days with light sprinkles today.

    • Nice assortment of candles.

      • Well…..I didn’t order all of those ones. I just loved the names of them. But of those I did get “Black Cat” “Cozy Kitten” “Staying Home” I didn’t care for the scent descriptions on the other ones. I did order these ones….

        Not really happy with them. I was looking for a bonfire type of scent.

        • oh well, sorry about that. Good luck finding what you really want. I don’t burn candles, all I do with them, on those very rare occasions when I get some–usually because it is to benefit a charity, I just look at the pretty color of the physical candle. πŸ™‚

  • I’m desperately trying to get into it this year, but things just don’t feel the same with all that’s going on. It also seems that trick or treating is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Last year, we […]

    • CAMPING? It wouldn’t be at Crystal Lake by chance? πŸ˜‰

      It has been that way over here too…..no one goes Trick or Treating any more. And I admit I pulled my boys away from it when they were young. I just felt it wasn’t safe for them and focused on being apart of my mothers scary scene and giving out the best candy. My moms house was always known for being the spookiest on the block. So my sons and my nephew would be apart of the little scenes to scare the kids when they would come up.
      And we would always have good food and just enjoyed the night.
      But when everyone moved away I focused on my house but our driveway at that time was so long…..and our houses were on a few acres a lot….and our roads were rural so there were no sidewalks and no street lights….so we would get just a few daring souls arriving by car. Now we live on a hill and we get absolutely no one. So this year I am just focusing on a seasonal theme. Fall leaves….fall treas….uncarved Cinderalla pumpkins stacked on the porch. I spent a whole day looking for those things. I still am looking for a grey blueish one. I also found this cute simple Halloween garland at Micheals that I will string. Of course I will buy the best candy incase a few youngsters trickle by….but last year I did give my housekeeper a large cauldron full of candy to take home to her kids. Out of sight out of mind kind of thing πŸ˜‰ The thing is….our neighborhood website has a map of all houses that are going to give Candy out and still we get VERY few. Which is why the lucky souls hiking our driveway get 5lbs of candy each :D. ha!

      Anyhow……I pretty much just decorate because it makes me happy.

      • Shoot I’d gladly hike up to your place – for the candy and just to see the gorgeous decorations! Oh and no Crystal Lake for me, no way! Haha! If it cools down anytime soon we’ll be headed to the hills though!

    • I know right! Nothings seems the same. All the fun of holidays have gone with the wind. πŸ™

      • It’s true that they just don’t. Sadly. All we can do is keep our spirits up and enjoy the good things still out there!

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