• So it is done. I have officialy completed my bachelor’s in communications and psychology. Woot!

    • Congratulations!

    • That’s my girl!! You did it! You should be proud after all the time and effort you put in these past few years, I know I’m proud of you!!!

      You made my day!!! 🤗❤😘

      • Awe thank you. I am proud. It was a lot of work and 10 pg papers ha ha but so worth it.


    • Congratulations!!

    • Congratulations.

    • I am SO Happy for you.
      I remember when you first posted about going back to school. You did it while working and raising your kids. What an accomplishment.
      I hooted for joy when I read this and my son knocked on my door to check on me. Of course I had to tell him all about this because HE chose to take a break from college and I am still waiting for him to go back.
      “She works …she has kids….AND SHE DID IT!” I told him…..of course I had to rub it in some πŸ˜‰

      • Lol my daughter is on a break from college as well. I keep encouraging her to not take to long to go back.

    • Lol I’m good

  • I can listen to Ben for days. His voice can move you…. take you with him.

    • I understand about the voice, it does have what I would call a haunting quality that pulls you in. I couldn’t really understand the words that well thought.

      For some bizarre reason, while listening I kept thinking of the very cute young man that was in front of me standing in line to vote yesterday. All in all that was a good experience, and the fact that I had some eye candy to look at make it even better.

      It was interesting how well they treated us in that line. Two separate groups of people came though the line offering us food, one was a full packaged up dinner with a sandwich and spicy pasta salad which I saved for after, and twice people that were connected somehow with the voting procedures came by with bananas and thanks for our patience waiting etc. I was in line about 2 1/2 hours.

    • Ok…..a few things.
      First…I am going to share one of the first songs I heard from Ben Howard. THIS is what I fell into….

      Ok….now I will respond in order of importance.

      EYE CANDY?!?!?!
      Well hello …..that makes a 2 1/2 hour wait TOO QUICK πŸ˜‰
      But I am done with eye candy. I fell for eye candy and had 3 sons with him. He was wonderful to look at…..and that was pretty much it. Hahahaha….

      So now I want….a Big Stoic Brain that can make me laugh. If they so happen to be terribly handsome…I won’t really complain. Older works too.

      As for Voting……THAT deserves a whole post in itself. What an amazing experience you had. I hear stories of how armed gunmen will be going to voting places and it truly has me thinking of going too and handing out cookies and beverages. Maybe renting out a coffee cart….Voters can get a free coffee after they voted. Just showing….no gunperson can intimidate us. How small and weak to need to show a big gun. I have no problem with guns when in the right hands mind you. And I am sorry for bringing this topic up in your beautiful VOTING story. I am happy you voted and good/beautiful Americans treated the Voters in this manner.

  • This book is written as a love letter to his son, who has come out to him as Gay. The father, who is Gay also, is telling him what Gay Pride and a good Gay Life is all about in his opinion. He does this from […]

    • I think I heard about this book a bit ago. I will add it to my list.

      I wanted to let you know that I finished “A Woman is No Man” a few weeks ago.
      What a great sad story.

      • Wow, one of the best things about blogging is getting others to check out books that you found interesting. Thanks.

        • It really matters on who recommends the book. I have read a few from posters on here and actually have enjoyed the recommendations.
          About your book…..”A Women is No Man”….I had Iraqi friends in High School and one who was so amazing had to run away because her father was going to kill her for dating a Mexican. Marriages are still arranged within their community. I was home one day and she called me and asked if I could come pick her up because her parents locked her in her room and she said she thinks her father was going to kill her. No one was home with me and the only car in the driveway was a stick shift. At that time …I could not drive a stick shift. She said she was going to call a few more people. She finally called me back and managed to crawl out the window and she did not return to school…she had run away. I ran into her a few years later. She married her then boyfriend and she was walking with her daughter. Her whole family had disowned her. One of her cousins who I also went to school with came into my work place and asked me if I ever run into his cousin to tell her he misses her and that he loves her. Because of what she did…..everyone was not allowed to talk to her. They still had their strict rules that they lived by.
          But I do have Iraqi friends who don’t follow those strict rules.
          AND….I learned that year how to drive a stick shift.

          • That is certainly a horribly bad situation. The culture is not kind to women for sure but it is the culture, not the mere fact of being ethnically from that area of the world which is a point that you made. You know the Amish in this country don’t kill but they do shun anybody that leaves the community which strikes me as being cruel as well.

  • I was getting a bit brave by venturing out to the mall and into Macys with my son who came home from England a few weeks ago. He was looking for something or another so I strolled around the dinnerware dept […]

    • That’s a lovely looking decorative bowl. If I didn’t know better I would have said it was of Chinese origin and not Finland. Someone smiled on you when you entered that shop. It’s one of those moments that was meant to be.

      • YES! That is what I felt too. When they wrote about the artist influence for this set…..they did say “Finnish Folklore, Slavic animation and Japanese etchings” So there is an Asian influence.

    • Oh my! That is one beautiful bowl.I too love these sort of intriguing designs on the things I buy for home.

    • I was attracted by the flowers, but the bowl is nice and colorful also. And sounds like you are already enjoying it, to even research where it came from. πŸ™‚

      • The flowers filled the upstairs completely with a soft beautiful scent for over a week. I use to buy fresh flowers weekly but stopped when all of this Covid went down. So having these delivered on my birthday just made me want to start that habit again.
        And I was so drawn to the art on that bowl…..that I wanted to know the story.

    • Oh Monica! You have beautiful taste! The bowl is AMAZING and so are all the other pieces! I would SO have bought it as well. Also, I do find your posts to be highly important and mind blowing too, so keep it up!

      • Well I am so happy that someone else “gets” my taste. Thank you.
        And I always make myself laugh when I write things like…”my important mind blowing post”
        I know the world is going through some serious times….but I also know we can turn every channel and listen to expert educated views from every angel IF we wanted to hear about this story or that. So coming here is kind of like a little escape from all of that craziness.

  • I …for the first time in my life saw a Cotton Tree. He was growing in my friends yard and he stood so tall. I was sitting on her third floor balcony and I was looking up at the beautiful cotton balls that […]

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    Milae arrived at the huge gates, which beyond, led to the Path of Palentia. However, a memory now slightly jaded and, for countless years unused, had subsequently deserted her and the password had evaporated from […]

    • Thanks.

      It’s a pleasant distraction I enjoy doing.

    • My approach is the same across all the pictures I make. I begin with a premise – or scenario if you like. Once the picture is finished I imagine a short story to describe the captured moment. It might take a while but after an idea has formed, and I’m happy with it, I run with it.

  • Another recommendation from my sister who happens to be an expert on all things gory.

    There are 3 episodes during this first season. It is like no other Dracula movie out there. The 2 main characters in the […]

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Monica! I adore all things vampire, werewolf, ghost, etc. πŸ™‚

    • dracula was pretty good. i’ve just started octoberfest – beer & blood. its pretty good so far too. well produced, good music, edgy plot & characters. check it out on netflix πŸ˜‰

      • I will let my sister know about this. I am not so much into blood and gore unless it’s a Tarantino movie. But if the story line is good….I can tolerate it. I will give it a shot.
        YES….I enjoyed this version of Dracula. LOVE Sister Agatha. And liked how this Dracula was sort of a nod to a Boris Karloff type of Dracula.

    • Yes….creepy with some dark humor.

    • There was a 3 part Dracula series on the BBC in January past, I wonder if it’s the same one?

      It begins when a character called Jonathan Harker visits a decrepit old man (Dracula) in Transylvania on the pretence of doing legal work for him. But he’s really been asked there for one thing, and as the days go by the old man gets younger while Harker gets more and more withered and sick.

      Probably the best modern take on the Dracula legend that I’ve ever seen. It was creepy as hell.

      • It sounds exactly like the one I posted. But I take it you are unable to see the video clip?
        I’ll try and post a photo of the characters in the post so we know for sure.
        And YES….creepy and funny.

        • I can’t see the video.

          It says: “VIDEO UNAVAILABLE the uploader has not made this available in your country.” That’s an odd thing given that the 3 part series was made and produced here in the UK!?

          Ah! Update. I can now see a picture below the video box – it is the same program.

          • I don’t know why we can’t watch movie trailers from other countries…its not the whole movie.

    • I have been into vampires since my teens, but only recently read Dracula. I didn’t think I would like it because I normally like books where the vampire is the hero, or at least the conflicted person. Dracula always struck me as an evil being.

      When I read it, however, I found that I actually kind of enjoyed it so I might just check this series of 3 shows out and see if I turn out to enjoy it also.

      • Something tells me you will enjoy this. Let me know if you watch it.

        • Oh, I watched it and liked it. I am wondering what they can possibly do for another year though. I mean they are in present now, and well, you know the story so you can guess why I am wondering.

          • yeah…..you’re right. What can they do? I mean…present can go on for sometime if they keep a good story line going. Throw in flashback stories…..hmmmm. I don’t know if they would work. Maybe leaving it the way it ended might be the best thing. BUT…that is why great writers make the big bucks…cause they can create an amazing story line.
            Ah well……lets see what happens.

            • Yeah, I think if they want to, they can find something to keep us involved. Maybe a flash back to how Dracula got how he is….his backstory. I know that Anne Rice started out with a “simple” newspaper person interviewing a vampire, and it grew over time into about 20 or so books. That vampire that was interviewed by the reporter had met other vampires who had met others, and it kept going.

              I am still, to this day, finding books that I had never read before. So it can be done. I just have trouble picturing how it would work on this one.

              Time will tell.

              Oh and by the way, I see you said that you don’t like scary movies. I don’t consider vampire movies or books scary. In fact, I may have told you that I got over my fear of storms by watching a vampire show called Dark Shadows. I just imagined myself at Collinwood in a secret room dealing with the vampire, who was obviously in love with me etc….and the fear of storms just went away. There was always a storm at Collinwood. Speaking of which, I found Dracula very handsome also. (grin)

    • I love vampire novels to. Recently watched The Vampire Diaries and Shadowhunters on Netflix.

      • Were they good? I am not really into Vampire shows….but my sister is. She loves scary movies. She is always giving me movie recommendations that I rarely watch. But I did watch this one and liked it.

        • You bet! I loved it so much that I watched it three times. My daughter was like, “Are you crazy, Mama?” LOL. I have also watched True Blood.

          • Oh, I loved True Blood so much. Have you watched the entire thing including the last season? If you have, I have something to say…I don’t want to give away a spoiler if you haven’t.

            • Oh yes! Absolutely! I watched till the very end. I felt bad for Eric Northman. He was my absolute favourite.

              • The end ruined it for me….now whenever i think about watching it again, I remember that end and feel so let-down. It may sound funny but that did a number on my remembered enjoyment.

          • My sons still can’t believe I watch “The Real Housewives” And I still get embarrassed when I say I do πŸ˜‰
            So I get it.

            • Haha! You should watch whatever makes you comfortable. πŸ™‚ My daughter is pretty much the same.

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    Do I assume you have figured it out?

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    I figure it out, lol!

  • Here’s mine – always has been πŸ™‚

  • Of course there is still smoke from the northern fires…..but it was so wonderful to be at the beach. I had to zoom in because there were so many Cruise Ships floating out there….

    I absolutely LOVE […]

  • I saw a story on the news a few months ago about these social bubbles. You have to completely trust everyone in the bubble ….must be someone who takes being safe as seriously as you do. You can take hikes […]

    • I’m definitely in the co-worker social bubble as we have all been forced together being essential, lol! I think everyone is safe but mostly just have to take care and trust it. Have a nice dinner with your friends!

      • Thanks πŸ˜‰ I do hope we have a good time too….cause I will admit I am a bit wary and still am convincing myself that we will all be safe.

        I hope you all stay safe at your workplace.

    • I don’t have social bubbles as such. I see some restaurant workers a lot but for the most part most of my interaction is on the phone or computer.

      • Well…it is my first time venturing out with friends for social reasons. I have been out shopping and it felt so nice to interact with people (from a distance of course)

  • Ok….so it’s only one shirt each. My sons already told me…”PLEASE don’t become one of those crazy ladies that always dresses her animals”

    • Very cute – doesn’t look like they mind a bit!

      • Well…….the older cat did his usual flop to the ground and just lay there for a bit. SHE….actually didn’t mind at all. I think it may have been because she did visit the groomer recently and had the β€œlion” shave. So she keeps looking for places to snuggle to get warm. He eventually started to walk around like normal.
        I had seen a video of people whose cats wear shirts and don’t mind. So I figure I would try it.

  • Nothing, no blog space, has ever quite filled the void that the old Thoughts.com left behind. So I received a happy little surprise last night when something told me to type Thoughts.com into the search bar. […]

    • Welcome Home! Glad you found your way back.

    • Hi Hikergirl7 and welcome back to thoughts.

    • Great to see you, Jules!

    • I have never stopped.missing the old thoughts and a lot of the old thoughtsters too. I have been away too long but I’d like to be back for good too. Thoughts was always more than just a blog place to write for me. I won’t say it’s my Spiritual home but it certainly motivates and inspires me to write, bringing out the best. I think its time to start that again.

    • Welcome Home Hikergirl7!
      Yes….it can be confusing around here until we learn what button does what.
      I think I may have created 100 test post testing out different features and I still have not utilized every feature available. Thank goodness I don’t blog for a living πŸ˜‰

      It’s gonna take participation to get this place back to the way it was ….. so we look forward to seeing your post.

  • Thank goodness for the Geek Squad!!!

    Friday, my computer decided that slow was the way to go. I don’t mean it took 30 seconds to load a page. I mean 10 minutes to load a page. It took a couple of hours to […]

    • Device/Appliance insurance is something that most us invest in, although in most cases it’s giving money away for nothing. On those rare occasions when things do go wrong, and they’re covered by insurance, it makes you realise that at the end of the day it was a good idea.

      Glad to see you got the steam engine up and running again. πŸ™‚

      • Yep, I am glad l was aware enough to sign up for that contract. I often don’t but when something is as central as a computer, I knew better than not to..

    • LOVE the Geeks…..and Costco too. They offer a two year plan and thats besides the products protection plan.

      HI FRIEND!
      Gad things got worked out.
      One thing I know I need to do is find out what my password is so I can log in on my iPad and iPhone. I love saving my passwords to my MacBook because it’s such Apple products are so safe. BUT…my mind got so lazy I can’t remember any passwords and can’t log on anywhere else. BUT….tonight I am going to get the password from here finally sign in on one of the other 2. What if something crashes and I can’t find anything? Well…I am sure there is a way but I don’t think my mind can actually do the work to figure it out.
      Anywho…….it’s Autumn πŸ™‚

    • LOVE this picture.
      I have been at the beach the last few days. With the virus….I have been avoiding it. But to go back was like going home. My spirit needs the ocean….it does so much for me.

    • It’s definitely a relaxing place to be, and I’m glad you liked this picture. I thought it was interesting myself and was glad to share it.

    • Where I started out, in Scotland, I could be at the coast within maybe 40 minutes heading east or west. Living on an Island Nation instilled in me a love of the ocean that will never die. I could quite happily be a beach bum, I think.

      • I do love living near the ocean, too, and I know I’d miss it if I didn’t – but I also love mountains! I’m not sure of this, but I bet Scotland is the best both worlds?

    • I would say of course it is, but Im biased lol

    • Thanks Bailey πŸ™‚

    • Btw, Bailey, I live in New Orleans. Hot and muggy, or in winter, cold and muggy…LOL

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  • I was posting about my cats…and getting some interest, but suddenly about a week or two ago, all communication stopped.

    Where is everybody? Has Thoughts gone dormant?

    Oh well, I am finding it hard to […]

    • I don’t think it’s a case of being dormant, sometimes there are quieter moments in the blogging world when people’s lives demand more attention than they give to the internet. On a personal note: I have been busy with my graphic creations as well as being thoroughly absorbed in a new book I recently bought.

      What goes round, comes round.

    • Oh…you know me…I have so many important things to blog about that I can’t prioritize them so I don’t. Like….. my lilac hair color….should I keep it or go back to my chestnut brown for the winter? Or….should I blog about forming a Covid Social bubbles? Or the new Keto Ice Cream from Costco that is sooooo good? See….too many things to blog about.
      Not just things…. but IMPORTANT things to boot πŸ˜‰

      • Hey, wow, Keto ice cream? Is that a lot different than regular ice cream? I saw leave your hair lilac and give some exotic color to the winder.

        And what is a Covid Social Bubble?

        Inquiring minds want, but don’t necessarily need, to know.

        • YES….I will do a post about Keto Ice Cream soon. It is amazing and sugar free. And my hair is lilac from ear to ear in the front. The back is still my normal color. I like it…..but I don’t like the texture the bleaching does to it. AND…I did a post on Social Bubbles cause I am sure you have your bubbles πŸ˜‰

    • Hadn’t seen the social bubble blog…not sure I know how to find it but will try. Keto Ice Cream sounds like a good idea if it tastes as good as the regular kind.

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