• I was just talking to a friend about things we really REALLY miss and can’t wait to get back to. One being…LIVE MUSIC. Live music does wonderful things for our Spirits. All music in all forms is […]

  • I was going to say he was /is so ahead of his time. But he really isn’t. He is just teaching what is right in front of us.

  • Sounds so similar to Bon Iver. Beautiful piece.

  • She’s beautiful. She looks like a young Sharon. I knew they had another daughter who didn’t want to be filmed but I didn’t know she was in the music business.

    Also… a commenter on Youtube pointed out “Goth […]

  • Hmmmm……

    • Pass!

      • Yeah….. I heard the song while driving the other day …don’t know if THIS was the song because I saw the name Oliver Tree. So I wanted to look more into this artist and found a crazy character.

  • Monica wrote a new post, Bison 5 days, 6 hours ago

    Bison meat taste so good. It is becoming more and more popular especially since we just had a small meat shortage. Costco was selling ground Bison meat next to the empty Ground Beef section. Costco has been […]

    • I have never eaten a Bison and by the look of them they could probably eat me!

      I like plain meat recipes with plenty of added flavour – usually made with tons of garlic and onion.

      Mince Lamb or Beef Potato Bake:

      1lb of mince Lamb/Beef.
      2 small onions finely chopped.
      Garlic to taste – I use 4-5 finely chopped cloves depending on their size.
      Tin chopped tomatoes.
      6 – 8 potatoes peeled and sliced thinly.
      2 Table spoons tomato puree.
      Salt & pepper.
      Lamb or Beef stock. Use the whole stock cube but reduce the water to half pint.

      Dry fry the mince with the onions and garlic until the meat is browned.
      Add the salt & pepper.
      Add the tomato puree.
      Add the chopped tomatoes.
      Add the stock.

      Reduce the cooking time to half or less (I cook it for about 10 minutes) it will cook thoroughly when transferred to the oven.

      Peel the potatoes and slice them thinly.

      Set the oven to gas mark 6 / 204 C.

      Lightly grease an ovenproof dish and pour the meat mixture into it.
      Cover the meat mixture evenly with the sliced potatoes making a decorative pattern. Lightly brush some oil over them with a sprinkling of salt & pepper.

      Bake in the oven for 30 – 40 minutes or until the potatoes have browned.

      Serve with your choice of vegetables.

      • THIS is such an easy recipe. My household doesn’t eat lamb or goat. My sons prefer simple things. But we have a local steakhouse that serves Lamb Lollipops which I LOVE.

        I am going to copy this recipe to try when my other son comes home in a few weeks. He is the only son who loves new foods.
        And Bison are humongous and beautiful.

    • Jules replied 3 days ago

      The recipe is a base which can be easily adapted to personal taste. You could also add herbs if you like. A couple of swigs of Worcestershire sauce is also good.

  • It’s so simple yet so good.

    I remember my mother making us fried egg sandwiches on white bread with mustard when we would go to the drive In movies. My sisters would make brown bags full of buttered […]

    • That’s one of the all time classics. My version includes melted cheese with either pickle or brown sauce. Also, the egg has to be cooked just right so that when you bite into the sandwich the egg yolk oozes out the sides and gives you egg face!

      • Egg face 😀 Your version sounds good….but I don’t know about the brown sauce. what is it?

        • Brown sauce is one of those things that’s hard to describe, but I’m sure you’ve got it over there. You have tomato sauce which is red, and you have brown sauce which is brown. The taste is a lot stronger and compliments many foods depending on your taste. One popular brand over here is made by HP – or as it’s usually known as – HP Sauce.

          If you search the net for brown sauce this is what you get back regarding ingredients.

          Ingredients include a varying combination of tomatoes, molasses, dates, apples, tamarind, spices, vinegar, and sometimes raisins. The taste is either tart or sweet with a peppery taste similar to that of Worcestershire sauce.

          • Interesting. I was going to say Brown Gravy…but brown gravy has a beef base. We have a cute little UK market down the hill…I will check to see if they have it. Its a condiment it seems. Like our Ketchup or hot sauce.

    • Sorry, have to say that I love nuts, popcorn and a lot of the other things mentioned, but fried eggs not so much, in or out of a sandwich. I may have told you before that my mother had some health issues when I was growing in, and my father would make breakfast.

      Well, he fried the bacon first, and then fried the eggs in the bacon grease at the same temperature. The result would be a black crust around the egg, and I would have a problem getting it down…so the only way I like eggs is scambled. To this day I don’t like regular fried eggs, or boiled eggs (that one I did to myself by eating about 16 full eggs with mayonise ie deviled eggs) at one sitting)

      I am weird about some foods….for example, I don’t like cheese sandwiches either, and peanut butter is ONLY eatable with crackers, never bread, With bread it is just too gummy..

      I told ya I was weird. 🙂

      • UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
        Alright…..I can let this slide cause I can see where you’re coming from. Your poor father couldn’t cook. Nothing wrong with using the bacon grease to cook the eggs…he just used the wrong temp. My mother use to poor the bacon grease into a can and she would scoop some out for frying potatoes or she would scoop some into a hot bowl of rice. Anyhow….I have had a crispy egg or two in my life.But not from my mother….she prides herself in being able to cook eggs perfectly. And I love boiled eggs. Especially when they are soft boiled. And I also love an egg salad sandwich which is hard to find anywhere. So….what were you doing eating 16 deviled eggs in one seating? Were they really REALLY delicious? Maybe you need to try a different kind of Deviled Egg to open your mind up to them again? There was a little place here that served their Deviled Eggs with spinach mixed in and bacon bits drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
        Now…about that peanut butter issue. I get it…..which is why I usually make a really crispy toast to put it on. I maybe have toast once a month….and if I am going to have toast I like to use the country French loaf where I have to slice my own pieces. That way I can cut it thick and toast it dark. I also use natural peanut butter or almond butter that I mix with maple syrup and I add chopped pecans and walnuts. You can also throw in some raisins or Craisins. So my peanut butter is thick and has texture with a bit of flavor with the maple. So burn your toast and spread some of this peanut/almond butter on it 🙂
        I don’t know about cheese sandwiches…..its been YEARS since I had one. I usually keep crackers on hand for those times I want cheese. But I love a good crispy grilled cheese ….I can’t pass up.
        Oh…back to eggs. You said you like scrambled eggs? Well….I learned from Jacque Pepin via his cooking show how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs. You start with butter in the pan……whip the eggs add salt n pepper and pour into the pan. You keep mixing it until it is almost cooked….and you add a scoop of sour scream and take off heat. Add more salt and pepper if needed and its beautiful and creamy.

        And you are not weird…..we all just have our food quirks. Well….maybe a little weird. You hold a grudge against food. Ha!

      • Ewww! Fried egg with a crusty edge is enough to put anyone off for life. . .what am I saying – it did, didn’t it?

        Eggs cooked like that usually mean they have spent too long in a hot pan and come out all rubbery and disgusting; no cigar for anyone who cooks like that. Cooking eggs is such a simple thing but like anything in the culinary world, there is an art to it. No broad brush strokes here – only fine detail.

        • Well, to give him the perfect out, he was cooking on an old wood stove so there wasn’t much way to change the temperature. But I am fine with scrambled eggs that don’t develop a crust, especially a black crust that sort of tastes like coffee grounds. 🙂

  • I can’t stop watching them. I envy these people who can live off the grid and grow their own food and hunt not only to survive but to make a living. I really would love a cabin way out there.

    And there are so […]

  • I found this Hulu series so fun and interesting. Padma explores the history of food in America. How almost everything we eat stems from another country. I said “almost” everything because she also visits Native […]

    • Just the clip made me hungry…shame on you. 😛

      • THATS one thing I don’t like about these shows…..you get cravings for what they are eating.
        But I am tempted to create a list of places to stop on road trips.

    • I ‘eat up’ most food/cookery shows on TV – especially the shows that deal with origins of ingredients. This show looks pretty cosmopolitan in its approach. Definitely something I would watch if it ever came over here.

      We have a show over here called “The Hairy Bikers.” Two men travelling around the world on motorbikes sampling and cooking the local cuisine. They’ve literally been everywhere and are always fun to watch.

      • I would love to watch that show. I wonder if it’s on Brit Box.
        I watched a show years ago that I absolutely enjoyed. Long Way Round….and Long Way Down …with Ewan McGregor and Charley Borman. They rode their motorbikes on these long trips …all recorded. I LOVED it. Not much about food though. But these motorcycle shows always appeal to me because I wanted to get one for YEARS and travel a bit here and there.

    • Yes. . .I saw that one too.

      And again. Yes, the Hairy Bikers are on Brit Box.

  • Monica wrote a new post, "Gentefied" 4 weeks ago

    I just finished watching 4 episodes of this show and I think I like it.

    My little sister has been bugging me to watch her shows. You know how we recommend to friends and family shows we find and can binge […]

    • That show does seem interesting, although I usually don’t like subtitles that much. Be careful, it sounds like there is some bad stuff coming off that fire.

      • Ok….I watched them all and YOU especially would LOVE this show. The subtitles are not all through the show….but when they do come on you can just pause them and read them. I LOVED this show.
        The daughter in the show is a lesbian artist/artist lesbian….and some of her art projects cause chaos in the old neighborhood.
        I just know your gonna love this show.

        • Ok, you have convinced me. I will start them…later sunday and watch at least part of it. If I love it, I will keep going on. 🙂

    • I have watched what is on Netflix of Gentefied, and am looking forward to the next season, which I am hoping will be out soon..Great show.

      • Isn’t it?!? I thought you would enjoy it. I think we all know someone like “Eric” who nothing can go right for him. No matter what they do…..it screws up someone elses plans.

        • I like Chris also, trying to fit in, but somehow not always doing so. Anyway, it ended on a real cliff hanger and I wanna know what happens next. 🙂

  • Thats the box they left overnight for all the bees to find their way into.

    Yes…those are Holiday Lights we put on every night in support for our healthcare workers.

    That box is such a beautiful box […]

    • I agree, there are some things that I just can’t learn by hearing about….I have to somehow “do it”…write it down or actual do the actions literally or something. But I think I would be afraid of working with Bees although I could see it also being fun to learn how. 🙂 And yes, it is a pretty box.

      • It’s just the way my brain works. And being older…taking classes was actually fun.
        I would love to make my own honey….well I should say I would love to offer these wonderful bees a place to live in return for their honey.

        • Maybe when things get normal, although it seems like at times it never will, you will be able to follow that dream and have a hive and your own honey. 🙂

          • Oh…I am pretty sure I am going to do this. My family has enough property in South Dakota. I am going to have to build a house there so I can go back and forth. Some bee farmers rent their bees out so they travel across America. I don’t think I want to rent my bees out…..and if I were to consider it they would have to be extreme organic farmers.

            • Good luck, sounds like you have made up your mind. I always wanted to go to Maine…because I watched a show that was supposedly set there, but kept letting other things interfere. Finally, after 40 years of dreaming and not doing, I finally just said “I am going to go…I don’t care if I have to put the whole thing on plastic”.

              That’s pretty much what i had to do, but I did it, and I was glad I did. Now people ask me what I think of the trip and I say “I went, I enjoyed, and don’t have any reason to go back”. The point is that I finally fulfilled that dream.

              • YOU ODDBALL! Maine has always been one of my TOP dream destinations. To go and rent a lighthouse for a week during the fall. I mean….I could do it since I retired and I don’t know what my hold up is. Well…now it’s Covid. But it’s on my list along with Nantucket.

  • I know I am a gracious host but COME ON!

    • Jules replied 1 month ago

      Make them pay their rent in honey-money!

      By the look of it their hive is now well established. I can see the tell-tale hexagonal shapes which is demonstrative of just how busy they have been, and if anyone was ever in any doubt as to what “busy as a bee” meant, they need only to look at the picture.

      I wonder what attracted them to your house in the first place?

      • What attracted them to my house? COME ON JULES. I am so close to being Mother Earth herself 😉

        If it were not for my super duper unattainable standards of humans…..I think I could’ve been a contender as Mother Earths sister at least. :star:

        The Bee keepers left here an hour ago. This team works later when the bees are calm. But the bees got a bit worked up and were not cooperating according to the manual. But they were able to get the queen in the box with the cones…..so they left the box on top of a ladder underneath the spot. They are going to come back tomorrow night to pick up the box in hopes all the bees find their way into it.
        They are worried about bringing the bees through the house….I told them they could tie a rope to the box and lower it off the balcony. That balcony is pretty high off the ground so that is concerning them. So they are going to bring a long rope tomorrow and we shall see what works. I am just happy the bee keepers are all about keeping the hive together and ALIVE.

        As for that honey…..I really REALLY was hoping I could get some. But apparently the cones at the moment are holding baby bees.

        • Jules replied 1 month ago

          In that case the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” is relevant here.

          • Perfect Song for the day.
            Funny too because when I waked upstairs earlier today I could hear the hive so I thought….but there was one bee inside at the window trying to get out. One little bee had so much power to cause such a loud buzz in the air. I grabbed a cup and paper and scooped him up and tossed him out.

  • They just need more love…..who knew?

    :::whispering::: I have to wonder exactly where I fall into all of this craziness with my obsession with Bigfoot o_O

    Conspiracy Theorist, YOU ARE LOVED 😉

    • Interesting in theory. Somehow I think a truly confirmed Conspiracy theorist would simply see the more love as part of the conspiracy. 🙂 What? There is a question about Big Foot? 🙂

      • More love as part of the conspiracy? 😮
        Well…..those of us in the know….KNOW Bgfoot exists. But some of the strong Conspiracy theories are connecting them to UFOs….psychic powers….etc etc etc. Putting us into the questionable mental state category. Who are they to question our mental states??? 😉

    • Jules replied 1 month ago

      I find it an endless source of amusement when I listen to conspiracy theorists bleating out their social-political views, claiming to know what is REALLY going on and that everyone should heed their words because speaking truth is their exclusive province. Truth is more a state of mind than anything else, and with so much going on around the world at the same time – no one can be in two places at once but must defer to ‘reportage’ to formulate their version of what truth really means to them.

      The late, great, Professor Stephen Hawking once commented on the ongoing conspiracy theory that some governments were covering up the existence of UFO’s. In a humorous observation he said. . .(not verbatim) “If governments really are covering up the existence of UFO’s, then their doing a better job of that than running the country.”

      The comment was obviously delivered with the electronic synthesized voice he used to communicate with people, and on hearing him say it I literally burst out laughing over the comic timing of it all. Apart from being a brilliant physicist, he would have made a great comedian.

      • LOVED Hawkings. I truly did cry when he passed. Have you seen the movie “The Theory of Everything”?
        “Truth more of a state of mind than anything else”…..like he says in the video it becomes a “belief” to them.

        Yes to all you said here. Now just show them a little more love and that should fix everything.
        Again…still working on how this will work with me and Bigfoot.

        • Jules replied 1 month ago

          I’ve seen, read, and re-read everything related to Stephen Hawking. I have a few Blu-ray documentaries of his, and on one of those I heard him say the UFO thingy. He even made a guest appearance on Star Trek TNG back in the day playing a future version of himself.

    • Latest conspiracy theory, Wayfair (& Amazon)/child sex trafficking. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCe0Sn1FAtz/?utm_source=ig_web_

      • I kid you not….my son was just telling me about this earlier today.
        I have not watched this video yet…but I am sure it covers all he told me.
        I know I teeter on the edge of sanity and insanity when it comes to some of these conspiracy theories…..but I do know the world has some sick people in it and some REALLY RICH sick people too.
        I’ll watch the video in a bit. But of course..I think if I click on the video all of my information will be passed to someone and they will access my camera and drones will show up on my patio. So I need to ponder this a bit longer.

  • ABSOLUTELY LOVED this movie. The trailer explains it all. I pretty much had given up on watching Will Ferrel movies because the last few seemed so bad. I say seemed because I only watched the trailers and they […]

    • I don’t tend to like Will Ferrell, but this does sound interesting.

      • Like I mentioned in my response above….it is stupid humor. And add Americans acting like foreigners in a silly movie?
        I say give it a shot. I still don’t like Will Ferrel….but this movie is funny.

    • Can’t say I could relate on the enjoyment of this film. I thought it was utterly awful, but different strokes for different folks.

      • IT WAS horrible acting…..but that “I thought” was part of the stupid humor of the film. Americans don’t usually watch foreign shows like this or find foreign shows too odd. And in this movie they kinda emphasized that awkwardness.

        • Ah, maybe that is why I couldn’t relate because I am not American. Also, I am not a big Will Ferrel fan.

    • By the way, I found the movie on Netflix, and found it surprisingly good. Even Will Ferrel was not bad. One of his better roles perhaps.

      • GLAD YOU LIKED IT! I am like you……dont care much for Will Ferrel. I loved him on Saturday Night Live when he first became famous. I did enjoy his first few hits….actually enjoyed him in Daddy’s Home & Daddy’s Home 2. Well….I guess I should say it’s a hit and miss with him.

        Anyhow….he played this role well.

        • I don’t think he was that bad on SNL, but that was because of the ensemble cast. When he is the main or only character, he tends to just come across as silly. There wasn’t that much of it in this movie. Maybe he is getting better?

  • This is of Los Angeles but this is what I watched last night over San Diego. NOT as many…but they were all over the city. I was so amazed…and actually encouraged my son to light some of his fireworks. But of […]

    • I admit, I like fireworks especially when I am in the right mood for them. I don’t always enjoy the sound, but love the colors. Sounds like your son has a pretty level head on his shoulders…didn’t want to be responsible for a wild fire, which is understandable with all the fires that there have been in California in recent times. 🙂

      • I agree about the fireworks. I love a great show. But there is a time and a place for them. With school being out there seems to be a lot going off nightly and a lot of neighbors on our neighborhood website seem to keep complaining. Many are saying their pets are shaking….their dogs are running off. Some Vets with PTS are having a rough time with it. People really need to think about others.

        As for my son…he does have a good beautiful head on his shoulders. It’s like he has to reign my sisters and I in sometimes.
        The otter day he said….MOM…I can’t believe I have to tell you this…. NO VACUUMING THE CATS. As he was sitting there unblocking our hand held vacuum 😳

    • Oh, sounds like he is almost like your father or something. 🙂

      • Oh…he knows I will take so much of this before I straighten him out. He knows I can run the world if need be……but I am retired and just want to be careless and carefree 😉
        And I do vacuum my older cat. HE LOVES IT. My younger one runs away when she sees the vacuum. He use to slowly walk downstairs….but one day he challenged me. He stood in front of me and did not move. So I turned the vacuum on low and nudged him with it. So he flopped down and wanted his whole body vacuumed. He rolled this way and that way and can not get enough of it. SO now when I vacuum he runs to his spot and sprawls out. Mind you….he’s 17 – 20lbs and he is round.

        • Hey, listen to your son, young lady. 🙂 Wow, I have never had a cat that liked to be vacuumed, they all have ran whenever the vacuum comes on and some ran when I started moving the vacuum even before I turned it on. But I do know that cats differ in what they like and don’t like.

          I used to have a cat that would come and sit on the side of the shower when I was in taking one. He didn’t want to be in water but he loved being beside it. One day a visitor threw him in the shower while I was in there, and he, in his fear, scratched me.

          Trust me, the visitor got my full fervor….not the cat who was innocent. 🙂

          • Believe me….I thought it was so funny at first. Because they both use to take off once they saw the vacuum. Actually….he still runs when I bring the big Dyson out. But the hand held Pet Dyson…..is the one he loves. I put it on the lowest setting because I don’t want to hurt him. But I haven’t been doing it lately because he really does clog up the vacuum after a few vacuums.

            And Clover was like your cat when I first got her. She stayed in my room and when I was in the shower she would sit out in front and just wait for me. I would open it for her to look in and she always looked like she wanted to come in….but I didnt have 10 minutes to stand there waiting for her to make her mind up. BUT I have seen videos of cats who take showers….so if I had patience I am sure she would lay in the shower.

            Yes….tear into them 😉

            • My language became quite colorful that day. This was a big ole drag queen, young and arrogant. She was always doing things to my cat. Stepped on this same cats paws with her full weight one time, something i did a few times too but would apologize and pet him afterwards, without saying a word..just clopped on.

              He hated her until she made him two big hamburgers….he loved her for the amount of time it took him to eat one of those burgers, then he was sick of her and the burgers… 😛

              • This couldn’t have been Princess Stephanie?
                Though she likes to put the grumpy attitude on at work…I couldn’t imagine her being so reckless with your cat. We need to start another blog on Cat stories soon…I have a funny story to tell.

                • No, Stephanie has never been in my house. This was a person I knew back in Tennessee. She has been dead since 2006 before my SO died.
                  Only 34, she had abused drugs and mechanial grade silicon to alter her body, and the two destroyed her blood vessels and took her out.

                  • Thats horrible. I watch “Botched” sometimes and they have a regular who comes on who completely overused black market silicon. Just so sad that people resort to that.

                    • They tried to get me to get some, but I always refused. i knew i didn’t want to modify my mother like they had, but they said if i got some shot into my under eye area, it would make me look younger. i still said no.

                      The real reason she wanted me to do it, was she would get a discount on her work if she referred other people. When the silicon literally started rotting in her body, however, she told me she was glad that I never fell for it.

    • I love fireworks…the bright lights especially. The problem I have with seeing them in person is that I like to take pictures, and the pictures never turn out right. I remember more than once taking a picture of a display that was beautiful, the image very clear etc, but the picture I took barely showed any light at all.

      Very frustrating. LOL

      • YES…you can never get a perfect picture of them. But my son has fancy camera equipment and gets some good video and pictures. I tried last night to get some pictures but of course my timing is always off. I would catch them going up or after they exploded and just fragments left in the air. So I eventually just stopped and watched.

        • One year, I took some and then layered them so that each flick of light was repeated several times. Otherwise there wasn’t enough color to even look like anything. I have had digital cameras for a long time, but not the top grade ones that are needed for fireworks, I guess.

          • Layered them? Ok….thats fancy work I don’t know about but I bet they look good. I don’t know if you need a fancy camera to get great shots…I just know I have always had issues taking them. I find my Iphone11 does take wonderful pictures……and I think it takes better pictures then my camera. I don’t have a real fancy camera…..its a Nikon Coolpix. I use to have a fancy one years ago but with 3 sons playing with it …, I don’t know what came of it. Now that my sons are grown …they bought me this camera and said if I decide I want to get more into photography they would buy me a bigger and better camera. My oldest son has multiple lenses and tripods…..he loves photography.

            • Oh, at the time I had a fancy photo editor that made it easy. I always like an Olympus camera but yeah, it was NOT good at taking pictures of light either.

  • Monica wrote a new post, Visitors 1 month, 1 week ago

    A whole Honey Bee Swarm stopped in for a rest. I was washing dishes this afternoon and kept seeing bee’s flying by the window. I had read on our neighborhood site that people recently are experiencing these […]

    • To show a bit about me, my first thought on reading the title was “hope nobody got stung’. 🙂

      • Ha! LUcKiLy no one has been stung …yet.
        They are still here. I hope they leave soon because I was thinking if I had to call someone to come get them…..the only way to that spot is thru the house.

    • So the queen apparently is enjoying my hospitality and is getting a bit too comfortable here. I must stop serving them tea.

  • What has gotten into these people? Is this too good to be true? AGAIN….not wanting to get political here but this is so nice to hear him encouraging mask wearing.

    Way to go Mitch.

    • Independentthinker…..I see your reply in the pending box but you included a questionable link which is the reason your comment wasn’t approved. It has nothing to do with your opposing view on mask. If you delete the link I can approve your comment.

  • I don’t want to get all political here but HE IS WEARING A MASK and I am actually happy about it. AND he is encouraging others to do the same. I know it’s a little late in the game but I feel it was a smart […]

    • To me it’s a very simple choice. . .you either heed the warnings, or you do not.

      • Well….to some of us IT IS simple. But our President and Vice President have NOT recommended mask over here. They were making claims that the seriousness of Covid19 was a hoax. So to have our VP now encourage wearing mask…..5-6 months into the pandemic? Their followers will not wear them unless they hear it from their leaders. So yeah….it’s a good thing.

    • I agree, I am happy he is doing it….finallly. 🙂

  • The new names of my cat’s. Nah…..its the name of a local restaurant we have in San Diego that received mention in the Michelin Guide? They didn’t receive a star…but they were mentioned which usually means […]

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