• WE the people need to call our Internet Provider’s and tell them we are thinking of Cancelling because we can t’ go to these sites fackebook/ twitter they kicking people off and why pay to have Internet when we […]

    • Hmmmm, I don’t know about that….🤔

    • I have no problem with my internet service that I pay a pretty penny for. BUT….if I DID I would find another provider. In todays world we have OPTIONS.
      I use to live up in the mountains where we use to only have satellite internet and even there you had other satellite providers you could opt for if you were not happy with one.
      And if canceling is what you want to do…..DO IT.
      I don’t understand whining about something when you CAN do something about it. But thats just me 😉

    • Individual companies have the right to choose who they do business with. And it is even more true that when a service is provided free, the business has the right to limit what people say on their platform. Both Facebook, and from all that I have heard, Twitter, is free to the user.

      I believe we should either obey the rules at the platform we are on, or go elsewhere. Perhaps you could find a group that agrees with your and form your own service and not require those who don’t want to have to accept the free-for-all behavior that caused Facebook and Twitter to ban people.

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  • Trump is Permanently Suspended from Twitter AND FACEBOOK?

    • I personally think this was a very smart decision. With all of the trouble from Trump and the protestors, I feel like we need break from his comments on social media. I used to be a Trump fan, but now i’m not so sure. I know many people are mad about him being suspended from these things.