• I still think of you sometimes, your eyes, your smile. Honestly, I’m still obsessed with you. I’m obsessed with the days when I could easily be obsessed with you. I want to bathe in your s….

    Ha, it’s just […]

  • Things are looking up. I got a job! A full time one at that! I am now working as a specimen collector making a pretty decent chunk an hour. It’s not a glamorous job, but it is one that is needed. And it is one […]

  • How can you just ignore all of these issues? It makes me tired, and more tired. I tried, you know. Or, I guess I didn’t. I never thought I would see us here though. It’s like a warped universe. Maybe nothing is […]

  • Okay. So I had a job at a gas station, and I quit. I had another job that paid more. It was a nice job, but then I couldn’t handle it so I left again in a panic. I then went onto another job that was in a call […]

  • New beginnings, that could mean anything really. But, let’s start from the beginning. On July 4th, my boyfriend asked me about how I would feel about moving in with him. I was shocked at the question, but my […]

  • So, I know that my love language is quality time. I took the official quiz recently, and it still is. Which means, when people make time for me, I am happiest. Or when I am spending time with the people that I […]

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    I guess it’s time to just end things here. I’ve made posts like this before, but now it’s real. Dramatic moments seem a lot easier, then what is really happening. Because what is happening, is worse then what has […]

  • Last year at work, my boss handed me a box of disks, and asked me to go through them on my computer. I had to find a specific picture of a girl. She had killed herself in 2007, and her mother wanted this picture […]

  • Everything could be okay. I could be sitting in my own kitchen, five years from now, with a cup of coffee and a paper. I could think back on my twenties and laugh at how chaotic my life was. No ounce of calmness, […]

  • I haven’t posted in awhile, because I’ve been busy and I’ve also lacked access to a computer where I could post. So, things have been interesting. I guess. I moved in with my best friend and her fiance. It’s […]

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  • I understand that no matter where I work, there will be gossip and drama. High school never ends after all. Heck, when I was a junior in college, and doing my first internship at the local women’s shelter, I heard […]

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    Thank you 🙂

  • When she talks about people she knows, she uses their first name whether you know them or not. It takes a second to catch on and you find yourself asking, “wait, who again? oh right, that one,” and then trying to […]

  • The first time I said, “I love you,”
    That wasn’t to my mom or grandmother
    I was sitting on my dad’s kitchen floor,
    In front of his kitchen sink, hugging
    My knees to my chest as I poured my heart
    Out to a […]

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    very nice writing

  • “I love you,” those three words
    Burst into my mouth and push against
    My lips like battering rams.
    The harder they push, the harder
    It becomes to resist saying them.

    During sex, accidentally letting
    Those […]

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