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    I understand that no matter where I work, there will be gossip and drama. High school never ends after all. Heck, when I was a junior in college, and doing my first internship at the local women’s shelter, I heard […]

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    Thank you 🙂

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    When she talks about people she knows, she uses their first name whether you know them or not. It takes a second to catch on and you find yourself asking, “wait, who again? oh right, that one,” and then trying to […]

  • The first time I said, “I love you,”
    That wasn’t to my mom or grandmother
    I was sitting on my dad’s kitchen floor,
    In front of his kitchen sink, hugging
    My knees to my chest as I poured my heart
    Out to a […]

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    very nice writing

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    “I love you,” those three words
    Burst into my mouth and push against
    My lips like battering rams.
    The harder they push, the harder
    It becomes to resist saying them.

    During sex, accidentally letting
    Those […]

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  • He wasn’t in a good mood last night. That was for sure, after I was done with him. He said, “I don’t like it when you drink,”

    I said, “if you don’t like it when I drink, I won’t drink around you,”

    He said, […]

  • The office I am sitting in smells like fresh grass clippings and gasoline, the lawn mower is outside my window and the air is still chilly for some reason. A girl is walking by, she stops outside my door, just […]

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    The site works pretty well. Notifications are strange, and I don’t like the email notifications? But hey, it works.

  • So my ankle has been hurting like crazy for the past 2 or 3 weeks, almost a month actually. I haven’t done anything because I’ve been super busy. Work, guy, friend, in a repeated loop. The one person I tend to […]

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    I just can’t write anymore. All the angst I have deep inside spills into pages of my composition notebook. Or remains in my brain until I’m with him, and I end up blurting it out while burying my head in his […]

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    Sooo cute! It’s been super hot here as well, I hope the visit is fun!!!

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    I used to get angry over the stupidest things. If I thought my friend wasn’t paying enough attention to me, if I thought people were talking about me, etc. It was fickle, annoying, and toxic. I can recognize […]

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    My sister has high anxiety, depression, and lived a “hard,” life according to my mother. Her father is a narcissistic, abusive excuse for a man, and doesn’t speak to her. Her two older sisters (not me) refuse to […]

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    Leaving an abusive relationship can be difficult, my mom left one and her ex badmouthed her to my sister, and myself. It was a long road because we didn’t know what to believe but we came through it. Just be there […]

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    I wish you luck on your adventures, sometimes it is just wonderful to pack up and leave. Don’t look back. Wonderful writing, btw.

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    Oh it definitely brought elements of the book to life that are way too much for me to handle. I won’t go see it again, and I won’t watch it again either. But it was a well made movie, I can’t deny that.

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