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  • Vincent replied to the topic SS Tops $1 Trillion for First Time in the forum Politics 5 years, 10 months ago

    Betta, I know that I don’t use the term welfare exactly accurate but think of it as any program that disburses free money or benefits that another citizen has to pay for.
    This isn’t SS, or Medicare!
    I’ve wondered which cost us the most, the cost of the actual physical health care provided, the profits insurance companies make, or redundancy and waste in the whole system.
    Giving a person a pacemaker at 80yo is a waste of money, just as is $12,000 a month for meds to a person dying of cancer with 3 months to live.
    My brother died of cancer, with 3-months to live when he asked what he should do, the VA told him to go home and die. He did. They made the decision based on their budget.
    The horrors of nursing homes (warehouses) and hospices are for another blog.